BC Stackers and Friends

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  1. freebiehunter
    Oh good - Shop Girl shares my phobia! Nice to know I'm not alone in my neurosis!
  2. Litesandsirens911
    wahoo!, Thanks for the invite!
  3. NateandAva
    Hello, everyone. Thank you the invite!
  4. Sandra4
    Woot!! Woot!! Thx for the invite JoJo!! Feel so special :D :D mua
  5. miniv
    omgomgomgomg LOVE this group!
  6. Sanrio
    Thanks for the invite! I too need tips and ideas. I will find time to shop from now on.
  7. Kay2371
    Thanks for the invite. I need all the help I can get with shopping and stacking at LD. And yes Jojos, I would love Aquafina Plus coupons my mom has gotten me hooked on it.
  8. Sanrio
    SDM 20x event tomorrow!! Need to check that out. Thanks for reminding.
  9. ssss
    thank you for the invite! it's really a good idea to share the shopping tips!
  10. jojos_n_kelowna
    HIYA EVERYBODY! welcome welcome....any HOT deals out there we need to know about? I posted earlier about the PM John Frieda SDM price today ONLY $4.99, and get free detangler wub 2 shampoo/conditioner at LD (little yellow coupon)...3 JF items for $4.99 is HOT! LOL!
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