newbies to smart canucks

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  1. dkpg
    i am just new to this and if anyone would join this social group we could learn this site together and have fun with it. I really enjoy this site and if I could learn to do more and know what and how to do everything.
    Thanks for your time
    Talk to you soon.
  2. newclipper
    I really would love to learn more, haven't had much time to look at it quite yet but I am very excited.
  3. brian abery
    brian abery
    Hi everyone,I am I think its a very good idea to have this group, count me in.
  4. love2Shop
    Hello everyone. This group is a wonderful idea. I am very new and am just kinda finding my away around the site. So far I have become familiar with the contest section. ( i have filled out 20 entries today ;D) I have not won anything since I won a ring when I was younger)
  5. Lynnie5bucks
    Hi I am new.
    I hope by joining this group we can support each other to learn about the site and get he most out of it.
  6. Rudon
    Hi new to this site...lots to find way around..should be fun though
  7. mind1055
    Hellooooo to all.
    Yep I'm a newbie too. Just have to say that I am having a heck of alot of fun though.
    Thanks for this website.

  8. MommyC
    Hello everyone....
    I'm new in SC... and I'm still finding my way here...
    This group is where I belong, lol.... thanks!
  9. 0grams
    hi.. i'm new too ..i was angry about the dryer stick breakingup in my dryer & found this site ,also i just created a blog on called "" so hello to you..
  10. KGrundie
    Hi All
    I am still trying to naviagte through all the wonders of this site, so I think that this is a great group for me
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