Stackable Trade Area..

  1. gasjoc
    Ok I thought we could post any stacks here for trade that we are not going to use..
  2. gasjoc
    Ok I will never use these if anyone needs them

    Olay Classic Moisturizer plus one olay cleanset Stack total = $3.00 UPCS-63747560 & 66006536
    Olay Total Effect Moisturizer + Cleanser Stack Total = $7.00 UPCS-66007757 & 66006682
  3. barbs
    how come no one chats here?
  4. gasjoc
    I have no idea.. I would love it if this group would pick up as I am new to stacking I could pick everyone's brain..LOL
    I have many hair color coupons if anyone if interested, also tampax and always & kotex...looking for Pampers and Huggies thx
  6. JaxtensMommy
    I used to stack a ton until the rules changed and now I am clueless which coupons can we stack now and where? I am in Richmond BC If anyone can direct me to some info I would be Sooo appreciative I am soo ready to get back into couponing
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