newbies to smart canucks

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  1. couponcupcake
    I'm new at this as well. Would love to join in.
  2. Mamasookie
    Hi all new to the site and couponing in general. I have used coupons for many years but I only used what I could find in my newspaper or flyers. I had no idea until after the Extreme Couponing show on TLC aired. Then I was very excited about it but I still have many problems. Hopefully we can help and guide each other around the site and couponing in general. Thanks for having me.
  3. 3little1s
    Hi Everyone,

    New to this site as well
    What is "Candy" on this site?
  4. lenda
    Just started using this site in May 2011 and have already saved over $600.00. In one shopping at Safeway in Victoria, BC I saved over $108.00.
  5. Rika
    just figured out at the very top in the red area click on NEW Savings wiki it has a lot of information for newbies
  6. rigatti
    Hi all. I would like to trade coupons but don't understand the etiquette. Has anyone traded yet? How did it work in terms of sending off and receiving them?
  7. lisawanner
    Just joined!!! I hope to be able to share coupons with others by trading etc
  8. sueLe
    Hi All
    would love to get tips on maximizing the use of this website.. still very confused.
  9. breeka
    Hi everyone im new tothe site but have been couponing for 6 months.
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