Hello and Welcome

  1. frugallegemom
    Hello and Welcome to the Durham Region CoupGroup!!!

    This group is for local residents of the Region of Durham.

    This group is for making friends.

    This group is for trading coupons within Durham.

    This group is for swapping freebies and samples or envies.

    This group is for sharing local deals you've found within our Municipality.

    The rules: The rules of this group will be in keeping with the spirit and guidelines of the SC forum and community. Please be respectful and in good keeping with coupon and sampling and message board etiquette.

    I am just getting started so please, be patient as I develop this group. I am a real person with a life just like you so will be updating this group as time permits.

    Well, I hope you join and actively participate in this group. I can't wait to see you here. Until then - feel free to introduce yourself in the introductions thread!

    Happy couponing!

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