Trade anything group (maybe hobbies?)

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  1. julie.leeds
    Since Christmas is coming I will be able to stockpile stamps from the UK if anyone wants them!
  2. Lynnie5bucks
    Hi I am a newbie and I want to join your group.
  3. nej26
    i love to scrapbook. anybody else?
    [email protected]
    i'm into nascar & f1 anybody else?
  5. dawn_sweety
    I am starting to collect small craft things for my placement in January
  6. kaela
    lil jazz dancer and i just sent a trade out. what do you like shawns gal. i have some books that i can donate to a winter exchange.
  7. kaela
    the trade between lil jazz dancer and myself was a success and great fun. i have more unique bookmarks to add to my collections and she has some new scrapbooking items. all and all a pleasnat experience. i am glad i found this group. there are a few scrapbookers here nej26 so you shouldn't have any problems finding a nice trade there.
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