Cat Lovers' club

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    Hi everyone:
    Unfortunately about 2 years ago my cat Bebe's had a stroke at the age of 20 , i miss Bebe's so much it isn't funny, she was like a daughter to me, if a human could have a cat as a daughter, lol.
  2. Rachel Silk
    Rachel Silk
    Hey Everyone, I saw this group and thought "IM IN!" I love cats- Fav animal by far Great group!
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    I'm glad to see people are interested in the group, cats are also my favourite friend/animal, i believe they are sent to us to teach/protect us as long as we respect them without spoiling them too much.

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    Long live the spirit of my best friend BEBE'S.
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    Hey wlxtn, you have a handsome cat there.
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    Say, how are all your best friends forever doing anyway?
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