Whet happened to everyone?

  1. vivian4949@yahoo.ca
    [email protected]
    Hey, where did everyone go, i'm getting a little lonely here, lol.
  2. macw1960
    Hi Vivian, I guess everyone is so busy clipping coupons, shopping for great deals and entering contests we forget to drop in. It doesn't mean I love my boys any less or spend less time with them. Fozzie, Taz and Cole all get their fair share of attention. I would post pictures of them but I have no idea how to. Have a great day and I will make it a point to drop in more often.
  3. vivian4949@yahoo.ca
    [email protected]
    Sure is nice to hear from someone, thought the world ended, hehehe; to post pics you upload some into your album then your album tab should say that you can upload a pic to your group (if i recall properly).
    Have a great night.
  4. macw1960
    Thanks for the info. I wll try it but I am lousy at getting thing to work properly for me computer wise. Have a Happy Canada Day.
  5. vivian4949@yahoo.ca
    [email protected]
    Sorry i'm a bit late, however, Happy Canada Day.
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