Shaman's Angels

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  1. starbright123
    Hi Shaman's Angels! I am a newbie at all this stuff....first online group!! What's next?
  2. thecountess
    Bonjour everyone, I blow kisses to you all!
  3. smb127
    Well I got the boobs for the job!! LOL
  4. Hsooley
    Omg..this is too funny
  5. Littlemoe0
    We should all start practicing the hair flip as well, maybe that would get are boss's attention.
  6. Littlemoe0
    Shaman's angels, let's hope the boss gets back on here soon.
  7. Patty Smyth
    Patty Smyth
    O.k. How come noone told me about this before? I thought I had to wait for an invitation but I just invited myself. LOL
  8. Littlemoe0
    Is it just me, or do we all really miss the big fella himself?
    Hey shaman, if your out there, come visit us.
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