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  1. Sweet Saver
    Sweet Saver
    Found at Dollarama- Airport/Bovaird
    Motrin Active Pain Relief Rub for Arthritis $2
    Axe Hair Product for Shaggy Hair $2
    Sucrets Sore Throat Extra Strength Cherry Lozenges Bonus Pack with 24 $2
    French's Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce 325ml $1.50
  2. sherrik
    Walmart Airport/Hwy7 has the Bic Holiday Packs with the 15.00 there was still about 10 left. The rebate has to be post marked by Jan 15th.

    Sobeys - Mayfield/Hwy 10 had some items in their clearence section - Mega Pack of Pampers 50% off (19.99) I think it was sizes 4 - 6 if you have 3.00 coupon would be great deal (of coarse I did not have any)
    Also, when you purchase 2 Huggies diapers bonus 1000pts

    Haven'y seen much more
  3. Sweet Saver
    Sweet Saver
    Thanks for posting sherrik...wondering how much were the BIC Holiday Packs you mention? And what is the $15 rebate for? Thanks for sharing.
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