You can now subscribe to this group & get notification via message when someone posts

  1. jojos_n_kelowna
    You can now subscribe to this group & get notification via message when someone posts.

    Thanks Gasjoc! for pointing it out. I believe this is a fairly new option.

    When you first enter the group, scroll down past the members list and the picture section. The next box is Social Group Discussion, this is where you go to read messages. Anyway at the top right corner of this box, there is a 'Group Tool' menu. Select the 'Subscribe to this Group' and select either daily or weekly message notification.

    I have to admit I don't check this group very often, and it seems like others may not find it very useful. I don't know if I should delete this group or what... Your comments would be appreciated.
  2. gasjoc
    Hey I just got here you better not delete it.. I was going to pm you to see if I could start a new chat on what stackables we are all looking for.. Why not trade between us stackers.. So you better not delete it..LOL
  3. Litesandsirens911
    hi, don't delete the thread/group...I was wanting to come in here and see too who needs what stackables...maybe we can help each other out by sending others stackables we don't need, we can make a list maybe and whoever wants to roak others can...? just an idea...because I have lots of baby coupons I never use, stackables, and I am always looking for other stackables like Catelli Healthy Harvest pasta, Iams cat and dog food dry stackables, Tide Stain Booster stackables , tuna, etc...

    Gasjoc I think thats a good idea...why don't you create that, lol
  4. Biggette
    Thanks for the tip on subscribing, just did it
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