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  1. misstfide
    Hello fellow dorks and dork lovers!! So glad to meet you all. <3
    The doorbell rang this afternoon and I went to the door, there was no one there. About an hour later it rang again, twice. I went to the door, no one there. It was not until an hour later, when it rang three times, that I realized my doorbell has not worked for 2 months.
    Thanks for the new dorky, doorbell sounding, chime clock G-pa!!
  2. thecountess
  3. crazymom0617
    Is this where I post my dorkiness? I wore my pj's to the mail box to mail my envie full of coupons. Got out of the van and tried to be as discreet as possible, so as not to be noticed in my skivvies. When I got home I realized that the bottom of my PJ's were up higher than my undies. OOPs
  4. Dee09

    Happy Spring fellow dorks!

    I'm so determined to move on from winter, I've been wearing a light jacket even though it's only a few degrees above zero
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