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  1. Thanks, hope you had a good weekend but I hear you're still not doing well. Hope it doesn't last too long. We had our big thanksgiving dinner on saturday.
  2. You have a good weekend too. Going to a big thanksgiving dinner at my cousins place on Saturday.
  3. Thanks, you too.
  4. Thanks, yeah it was good. I broke it all down, ate a bit and put the rest in freezer.
  5. Hope it turned out ok.
  6. Thanks, good here hope your day was good. Cooked my whole turkey, and cleaned up a bunch.
  7. Lol I prefer +15 to +20 versus +30. I don't like too hot or too cold so Timmins is a bad place for me. It can be -30 to -40 in winter and +30 in summer.
  8. Thanks for the rep.
  9. Not bad today and I got a few things done. Went to Food basics, vacuumed and cleaned room a bit. Hope your day is good.
  10. Not bad here but it might have rained a bit but I'm no sure lol.
  11. Sorry I didn't notice your rep earlier, I wasn't around much Thursday. Have a good weekend.
  12. Well rest up and go at it again Wednesday.
  13. The day was good, but I think I overdid it. The evening's not been much fun at all, pain wish that is.
  14. Was pretty good day today, hope your day was good.
  15. Thanks for the rep. Didn't sleep much because of a mouse running around my tiny place lol.
  16. For sure, thanks.
  17. Well, at least it's a little better than it was. Hope that continues.
  18. Thanks, pain is pretty good. Just sometimes when I take a step, out of nowhere my leg gives out but I'm about 70-80%.
  19. Thanks for the rep. Was a chilly week but next week 20 - 24 here.
  20. Thanks, hope you're having a good day.
  21. Sorry to hear that. Watching wrestling now and then maybe bed.
  22. I'm bored too, & have been for awhile now.
  23. Bored but not bad day lol. Hope you had a good day.
  24. Was pretty good tonight. There were fireworks here tonight. I watched them online but still watched them lol.
  25. Thanks and I hope you have a good weekend too.
  26. Thanks, a bit rainy here but at least I managed to get out a bit.
  27. thanks I hope you had a good day too.
  28. No no no, don't say that lol. Hope you have a good weekend.
  29. Thanks, you have a good week too.
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