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  1. thanks for the rep -had a very relaxing day today -too hot out to do anything so just chilled in my air conditioned house
  2. I'm glad your DD could visit. All the aches & pains we suffer is very disheartening. Believe me, I know.
    Take care of yourself.
  3. thanks for the rep -I am hanging in their a bit of lack of sleep as I am thinking about my daughter sometimes -but have her here with us for a few days makes me feel a lot better
  4. thanks for the rep -I am taking each day as it comes
  5. oh, poor you. take care - please
  6. nice the storm didn't miss us -we have a foot of snow and I cant help shovel -hurt my arm when I feel 20 days ago
    -I heard Toronto had it skim them -my lucky daughter
  7. thanks for the rep and happy new year
  8. So sorry to hear. A nice day today, and 18 tomorrow here, I hope it's as nice there, and the warmer weather helps your knee some.
  9. thanks for the rep -nope my Tuesday was not good as I was babysitting my knee acted up -injured it when I was 50 a few years back -ahh still sore today -take care
  10. Enjoy the visit; that sounds nice.
  11. thanks hicks for the nice comment -I am done my pills -just the odd cough -have a great weekend -I am so excited daughter/hubby are coming with my grandson today
  12. Glad you're feeling better. Keep improving. I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving w/end.
  13. thanks for the rep -sorry I haven't gotten back in thanks have been sick-but 2 more pills left and feel a lot better today -have a great weekend
  14. lol - lots of vitamins, esp. C & D; they should help you both feel better soon.
  15. hi-yep pretty good weekend so far-other than hubby is sick ,I have a cough need to get better for next sunday as goin g to stay with daughter/hubby and Sabastian,babysitting granddaughter right now on sons laptop so if any mistakes I am not use to it
  16. thanks for the rep -have a great week -I will as I am gonna be a nana again on Tuesday cant wait to hear from my son-in-law
  17. yep had a bit of rain yesterday -today is lovely just cut the lawn and hung some clothing out
  18. Well, tomorrow should work. It's dropping to 13 over night, so if you get an early start, it'll be done, and dry before the rain later in the week.
  19. thanks hicks -it has been an awesome summer -except for doing things like staining our gate outside -too hot (have to get it done thou maybe one cool morning early
  20. thanks for the rep -hey how are you -stay cool
  21. Thank you. I know, I'm having an awful time opening mine.
  22. way to go on the garage door opener win and new garage door -we had put a new garage door in last jan -but its a small garage door so we don't have an opener -maybe in a few years cause I find the garage door hard to turn the opener some days -my arthritis in my hands
  23. I was out gardening, and only lasted about 45 minutes. I'm sweating so much !!! At least you got a top. Funny, today I was looking at some fliers, and they already have their fall clothes, boots, and boots for sale. Too early !!!

    Yes, I won a new garage door and automatic opener. My opener is broken, and I got my fingers caught 3 weeks ago. Hurts like he!!. I'm going to lose at least one nail. So, I entered this contest, and won. I so needed it. Feel really lucky.
  24. hot day it is indeed -I returned a few things to gap in the mall and popped into fortinos -then home too intense for me plus I was having a few deep hot flashes in the bay as I was trying on a few bathing suits and tank top -at least I got a tank top -hard to find now -did you win something congrats
  25. Actually, that work out sounds refreshing right now. I've been working outside most of the day.

    No, my 2 & 1/2 weeks in Florida came to an end on Sunday. It was a great trip. I had so much fun. Except that I missed my dog, Jake, so much, I wish I was still there.
  26. are you still on your trip -I had a great day waterfit swim class -was awesome 45 minutes of pure workout in the water -great for my arthritic knees and fingers -lol
  27. glad you are having a lovely vacay enjoy
  28. lol - babysitting is so much fun; isn't it great when they go home.
    That was some storm. They often say it's going to rain, and it doesn't. So, I spent a few hours giving front and back a really good watering. I guess it's like washing your car. Wash it, and it'll rain.
  29. yep thanks for the rep-I asked hubby last night is it gonna rain nope I don't think so he said -so all my cusions got wet -well we sure needed whatever rain we got -wow was it ever super hot babysitting yesterday -ashlyn always wants outside -so only for 15 minutes I let her go in her blow up pool then in the house -lol
  30. nope I didn't get to rest today -I had to babysit ashlyn and off to hospital for hearing test on Tuesday morning -oh well rest the rest of the week
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