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  1. I hope you had a wonderful St. Pats and are keeping well!
  2. Thank you for REP acosta. Have a lovely evening.
  3. Oh I am happy you received them :D
  4. Hello!!!
    About three weeks ago I sent you some coupons with dog and cat treats... I sure hope you received them! :D
  5. Awwwe, right back a ya sister!!! Thank you so very much for the Birthday wishes and the beautiful words. It did indeed brighten up my day and make
    it more special knowing that I have friends like you. Thank you again little one and have a beautiful week too.
  6. Oh I am so happy you got some and A M A Z I N G price and with the melts!!! Crazy! Nice to hear from you and don't forget if you need anything ust let me know. Hopefully I can help. Have an awesome weekend!
  7. I don't know if I posted it as a brag, but at Loblaws I found 2 holiday packs of Wax Warmers (including 2 wax melts) for $4.99. Then I used the coupons you gave me $6 off and got them for free including taxes :D
    Thanks again!! You always supply the greatest coupons! haha
  8. Oh you are so welcome. That really was an awesome brag. Always enjoy reading what you share and don't ever stop andlet me know if you need anything too, don't forget. And thank you for the REP too. Have a good week.
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