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  1. the contests have been downright ugly. i don't blame you for not bothering. but plz visit us for at least the convo!

    and thanks, i wish i could take you out for corfee
  2. Congrat's on winning the $10 GC that is awesome!
    I just got bored with the P&P prizes.
    I don't have kids and so many of the prizes are for expecting mothers.
    Even if it was stuff of older kids i would still like it. I do have neices and nephews.
    Thanks for thinking about me. I missed being here.
    Huggies back.
  3. didn't know wth happened to you. didn't know if it was the mess in p&p or what. just thougth i should give you space, but thought about you all the time!!!

    am so glad your back!! lots of new daily contests right here now, i won a $10 gc, for being the 1000th poster. just click on the banner for more info.


  4. Just wanted to say "Hi". Life just got really crazy but i should be able to spend more time here now. I missed you guys too.
  5. we miss you ade!happy thanksgiving.
  6. there are some changes, and new links for p&p words. let me know if you need help getting around.
  7. someone get lolcat's head outta the gutter..sheesh

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