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  1. thanks for the rep
  2. hope you are having a nice long weekend
  3. thanks for the rep about my metro brag-that sure was a bunch of airmiles
  4. Looks like you are having a great time shopping. Hope you are well.
  5. thanks for the rep
  6. I had a hard day of shopping - my fingers are tired.
  7. thanks for the rep -yep it was stg -i was wondering what does that mean -lol
  8. thanks for the nice comment
  9. yeah we were brave to go out and get the t.v -now i just took my mom to micheals too-people were ready to run us over-lol
  10. thanks for the rep
  11. just wanted to say have a great evening -i know i will - nice chatting with ya
  12. thanks for the rep
  13. thank you for the rep
  14. Hi there. My family doesn't like kd either but it is great for donations and it is free.
  15. wow way to work the points on the kraft dinner at sobeys-my hubby doesnt like it -he kind of grew up on it
  16. it was nice seeing you too
  17. thank you for the rep
  18. thanks for the rep - i read the mcdonalds coupon card -it states only in walmart mcdonalds-maybe others will take it-not sure
  19. your welcome for the rep-thanks for the coupons you are sending me-awesome
  20. thanks for the rep
  21. thanks for the nice rep
  22. happy easter
  23. happy easter
  24. thanks for the rep
  25. thanks for the nice rep about my bathing suit
  26. thanks for the rep about my walmart brag
  27. thanks for the rep-have a great sunday
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