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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!!!!
  2. Have a very KOOL thanksgiving! LOL!
  3. Thank you for the reps! (:
  4. Your welcome and thanks for the rep!!! I'm only an email away when you need me!
  5. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!! For the rep! Have a great weeked + have fun watching all those free movies!
  6. Happy Easter to you too!!!
  7. Have an amazing Easter!
  8. of my fondest memories is of Kingston. My boyfriend (now hubby) was trying to take me to a friend's camp site so I could camp for the first time. We got lost and ended up staying at the Ambassidor that's my kind of camping...indoor plumbing....soft bed!!!
  9. PS: I totally agree with you on LD coming to Ontario! But then again- I don't even have a RCSS. My town is crap.
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