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  1. I totally agree! The freedom of knowing that you are with them and don't need to leave them for 10 hours 5 days a week is so fulfilling
  2. Nice being able to spend time w/ kiddies (being able to stay @ home and not go back to work! Although my little one don't sleep as much as I would like.. Tired or not tired I LOVE spending time w/ the boys. :D
  3. I agree, kiddies do sure keep us on our toes lol. I decided to not go back to work. With 3 now, it's just not feasible for me to work full-time for now. I figure it's good for me to be with them for a few years.
  4. Doing good. Busy w/ both kids @ home now. Def keeping me on my toes! U going back to work (ur baby now 13 mth)? How's that?
  5. Hi there! All is well thanks Kids are growing like crazy, the baby is 13 months now. I'm glad you were able to use those milk coupons, new they would eventually help out How are you doing
  6. Hope all is well. How's the kids? thx for the milk coupons a couple mths back.. used them today @ Metro!
  7. Hi!! Doing great thanks. Been really busy with the kiddies and trying to coupon at the same time lol. How about you? How are you doing??
  8. Just dropping a hi and how ae things going?
  9. Thanks! It was very nice We definitely should get together I'm sending you the link to the Facebook couponer group I'm with it's:

    If the link doesn't work it's called: Mississauga Coupon Swappers.

    Take care
  10. nice meeting u this am.
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