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  1. Wishing you all the best with your studying, and your exam!
    I don't know how you, and others, do it - with a family. When I went back to school for my second degree, I was still single.
    Have a good weekend!
  2. And forget to answer your question about studies. Lol. Its going good. My final exam is in about 18 days and i am feeling oressure now. May he i should take a break from facebook and SC and focus on my exam.
    Let's hope i get good grade in it.
  3. Aaawwww. Poor taffy! Sshe was out there all alone in the cold? I feel for her. But good thing is that you found her eventually and she is here to be taken care of and to get better. She will be better in no time becausd of the love you give to her.

    Take care and havd a nice weekend. It's almost here.
  4. Good morning! No good news here about our Taffy cat; it's been three weeks since she went missing. I keep hoping that she'll find her way back, or that someone will find her - but it's a long time already. We miss her lots - well, especially her daughter, Vader, our other cat.
    Hoping things are going well in your world! Have a great weekend!
  5. Hi Natalka! A few days (or maybe weeks) ago i rwad your post that your car had gotren out of the house and it hadn't come back by that time. Can i ask...if the ending is not hurtful to you....did she come back? Did you find your baby? I read on the forums that cats are just like your babies.
  6. Thanks for the message, Amira - I thought the rule was you could only use the two you printed from Smartsource, I didn't realize Fallen Pixels said it was okay to use PDFs - I thought they were a no-no.
    Hope your classes are going well! Happy Sunday!
  7. Hi natalka! I read your question to Mandy about how did she get so many multiple coupons for sunrype juice and pepperidge farm crackers. So i thought i should tell you too just in case you dont know about it. ( i dont know about Mandy but that's how i get multiple coupons)

    I cant print a lot of coupons at my home because of that stupid java problem but there is an SC member dariusz8 who is a very good coupon trader. I ask him to print, let's say, 10 coupons of $1.00 off sunrype juice. He sends me 10 pdf copies of these coupons. All legitimate coupons! He is a very good trader. Ofcourse ihave to pay him 10% of the face value of coupons but i dont mind that because these are the coupon trade rates FallenPixels has made and we have to follow these rules.

    You can talk to dariusz8 if you want tons of coupons.
  8. Thanks for the rep!

    Wishing you all the best with your studies!
  9. What? snow? Ouchie!
    It's a little bit cold here, and windy too. A lot of people were bbbrrrrrrrrr-ing today. Lol.

    Thanks for the rep.
  10. Thank you so much for the reps.
  11. Thank you for the RepLove this past week!
  12. Thanks Natalka. And happy valentine's day to you too.
  13. Thanks for rep this past week! Have a FAB day!
  14. Thanks so much for the rep!
  15. wishing you a very happy new year.
  16. Thanks for repping me over this past week!
  17. Thanks for the rep!
  18. Thank you for repping me this past week! Hope the week ahead is good to you!
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