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  1. Canadian Tire Options credit card gives back $.04/$1 spent only for stores that are under the Canadian Tire ownership (Canadian Tire, Marks Work Warehouse, SportsChek).

    They often have promotions to increase my use of their credit card by offering the $.04/$1 spent at ANY STORE up to a maximum of $1,250 spend.

    CT also has promo if you setup additional cards for family members, you get $5 / $10 per card. I also sign-up for the extra cards, then cancel within the year.

    Just because I love FREE food, I consistently use PC World Elite credit card at all Loblaws banner stores & Shoppers. 30pts/$1 spent adds up quick.
  2. CT MC offers 4% for ALL purchases and paying bills? Wow. I will look into it. That's even better than PCMC. (Although i hurt to say that cause i am very loyal to my PCMC).
  3. Yup! That's exactly what i did. I even downloaded firefox to get extra copies.
    I am not buying it this week even though we are getting 40x points on it. We have plenty of time to wait for any if our cashback apps to offer cashback for it. I plan on using it with cashbacks. Plus the personalized big offer ofcourse. (an extra 20x on dessange uring that time will be an icing on the top.)
  4. I didn't know one can use multiple of those coupons as well. But base on @Tiana's posting, I am sure going to try with my next Dessange purchase. I'll ask cashier to scan regardless if she thinks it'll work or not.

    I've never used the coupons posted on SDM's website under Optimum offers nor the VIB coupons. Now I have added these to my list of things to look at prior to making a shop at SDM.

    Now off to do some real food shopping instead of cashback shopping.
  5. Awww.. dont be sorry. I was joking. Lol

    I told the cashier that may be she had to enter fpc coupon code in the system but she kept on saying that this specific coupon as to be scanned.
    Hopefully i will get a chance to go to my sdm today and tomorrow to get my money back.
    I didnt know that we can print out 2 coupons of those 1000 bp. I thought they were just like vib coupons. One coupon in one transaction.
  6. Hope the Dessange situation works out for the better when you revisit Shoppers. Sorry about the hassle with the 2 coupons; let us know outcome. Thanks for all your Shoppers tips. Enjoy the weekend.
  7. Lol. Rockco, i live at the west of this world and if you are in Ontario, i am 3 hours behind you. So liking a post at 2:44 am On time means liking it at 11:44 vancouver island time. Lol.
    Plus our daughter sleeps with us and she is constantly singing some stories in my ears and so i am unable to sleep. Lol
  8. I know you're addicted to SmartCanucks cause you're liking a post at 2:44 am (est)/11:45 (pst). Was thinking of you when I put up the post. You'll probably find a good SDM promo to get the product for practically free, and do the mail in! Following...
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