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  1. Thanks for all the reps. I feel i am very popular between two people. You and me. Lol
  2. Thank you so much for the reps this week. I can't rep you because they put me in a rep jail! Lol
  3. Thanks. :
    Enjoy your lovely evening today.
  4. Damn it! I still can't rep you. Lol

    and look at your wall. It is full of thank you's for the reps you give. NOW i know how you are able to rep me everyday! Lol
    Will try your strategy. Lol
  5. Now can you please tell me how the hell are you giving me 2 reps at a time? Lol.
    I am still unable to rep you. I am trying but can't keep up with you. You are way too fast for me. Lol.

    Will try again today to take you down. lol

  6. Ok! You win, i lose!

    I tried to rep you but they didnt let me do that. Very bad! Lol
  7. Lol. Thanks for the blizzard rep. We are steaming here in comox valley at 7 degrees celsius. Time for us to take the bikinis out. Lol.

    Stay safe in that blizzard. Hopefully no one loses their power and stay warm atleast in their houses.
  8. Thanks for the rep
  9. Thanks for the rep.
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