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  1. Oh okay. It's okay then. Hopefully someone else try to do this type of thing and let us know what happens.
  2. Yes it was me, and I didn't attempt the transaction, I believe the points would have been awarded at a later date and most likely would not have worked....or wait, it was a weekend promotion for 18,500 points WUS $75. But I wound up not buying anything that weekend
  3. Hi wahiaris!

    I believe it was your post somewhere on sdm thread about redeeming points and you used 18500 bp wus $75.00 coupon in that transaction. Right? I hope it was you, so that i don't look stupid asking something from a wrong person. Lol

    My question is that...can you let us know if you get your 18500 bp awarded by the date they specified on the coupon? I have read from day 1 of my SC life that these type of coupons where pts are to be awarded later, they don't work if we are redeeming our pts and our subtotal is not equal to the amount specified on coupon. (Not talking about manu coupons). Sdm guys don't award pts if our base pts of that transaction is lower than what our base points should have been if we dont redeem our points.

    Waiting for your answer.
  4. Hi Amira!


    During the Valentines Day Redemption I did get one of the gifts with $$ spent offers for Elizabeth Arden products, but this time I'm not so sure.

    I absolutely love one of the ladies at my favourite SDM, just feel like lately I've been getting the grumpier ones.

    I will definitely give it a shot! I mean worst case scenario I dont redeem points, but it would be nice if it did work out!

    I may have to redo my whole plan, when I was pricing the No7 products they all had different prices than I anticipated!
  5. Aahhhh now i know! Thanks a lot.

    and about your intentions with redeeming your points and all those calculations you did on the sdm forum...... i think everything is oretty set and well thought of and you are going to have lots of excitement on getting all that stuff for so little out of pocket. Let us know how you do it this time.

    I think the gift set offer is dependent on the cashiers who ring in your stuff. Some good, friendly and giving cashiers give the free gift even if you redeem points, but some can argue that this offer's terms and conditions say you have to spend your $125 after redemptions. Try to be friends w8th a friendly cosmetition at your fav sdm and visit sdm whenever they are on the cashier spot.
  6. It's a gift with purchase, valued at $205. I found it looking through my optimum app under web offers.
  7. Hi wahiariis! Whuch spring beauty bonus you were talking about in sdm thread? I don't know what is that bonus. Can you give me the link to that page? I am VERY interested in that bonus points events.
  8. Amira, I am not sure that I would have done it any other way, I knew I was going to spend $$ either way....but i will definitely watch for combining offers in the future!
  9. Oh My God! What are you telling me? That you didn't use your most awesomest coupon on your redemptions? Why didn't you ask this question on sdm forums? This is the reason we all get together here to share our experiences, ask questions from others, answers other's question....etc.

    Well.....what's done can't be undone! But for future purposes i am telling you that whenever you get a bonus points coupon fir whatever product/anything in the store....and the fine print doesn't say that points are going to be awarded at a later date, then these points are added right away and these coupons work when we are redeeming our points too.

    For example, i got a coupon "8000 pts wus $30.00 on food and snacks" this week. I can buy $30.00 worth of food, redeem 22000pts=$30.00 and use this coupon to get 8000 pts back. In the end i would have redeemed 14000 pts for $30.00.
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