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  1. How was your New Years Resolution going? LOL. My haven't started but I figure it will be an good year for me as I'm planning to relax with myself and my hubby. It is fun when nobody tells you what to do at your own place if you are living at your own home. HAHA! Cheers!
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  3. Cool I'm happy you are getting yours soon. It pays to get these wonderful offers sent to everybody.
    This is a wonderful site to relax and request freebies, enter contests and much more.

    I'm happy to be a part of that respectful community family of SmartCanucks.
  4. Thanks for letting me know. I am just waiting on mine now.
  5. I'm sorry I emailed you that late but in "MST" it was 12:55pm this is why you were wondering why you got that 2 hours later.
    Anyway's I want to say that I got my 10 Tim Horten's card from the Waterloo Survey. I thought I tell you that it does happen.
  6. Hello how are you doing I haven't heard from you for a while. That's okay I had a very good weekend and a very good day today, because I got an demoing job over at Zellers and I will be starting tomorrow but he have to give me a time for him to call so I can come in and train me along also get my employment information.
  7. Thank you for being my friend. I'm happy we're are friends. I will talk to you soon.
  8. I love watching movies, thanks for that link of Free Movies from
  9. Beautiful Day By U2 is a good band artist and I will most likely download it and listen to it.
  10. I don't understand why people post more than once when it shows above your post before you post it. But I guess it happens.
  11. That lady have posted the same site as me and she is an newbie. Boy does that makes me mad if she cant' search for the site before entering . Her name is dobbsie. Today 02:46 PM at the freebie site. I will let Elliot.Gyal know for the duplicate site..
  12. No my husband and I were off for today. It's nice having a three day weekend. The weather here was gorgeous. It was between 20 and 22 Saturday and Sunday. Today was wet and cool but we just relaxed inside and made some canned beets.
  13. Ok. There are some cool contest I have put down check it out.
    Yesterday was so nice because I had a good 2 1/2 hours of walk late at night early morning. The weather was beautiful.
    Hope you having a good wonderful day on an Thanksgiving Monday. Did you go to work today? I think for most people, it would be a day off, unless you work on that day. Anyway's I will be talking to you soon.
  14. Hello How its going? I went to Sobey's today to by some awesome groceries and pick up an Friskies cats treats for $1.50 and turns out that one wasn't selected even though I've scanned it for two at the self scanner. I went back and got an another treat without question. Thanks for the good people at Sobey's.
  15. My thanksgiving is nice and relaxing. I signed up for the UofW survey. Thanks for your postings
  16. Cool! How is Thanksgiving going for you? Are you having fun online checking out the freebies and contests? I like to get information and put it online as well. For example, I have put down
    Free ten dollars timmys certificate-survey for university of waterloo.
    and got so many viewers and comments about that site just because of a freebie of Tim Horten's and who doesn't love Tim Horten's. I have also have put more sites as well. I would like to tell you little about myself but I have to go soon and I will learn about you as well. Thanks for being my friend? Anyway's I hope you have happy Thanksgiving and I will talk to you soon.
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