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  1. thanks for the new years message! i hope u are keeping well too!
  2. Hehe, told you to think about the extras as a b-day gift I'm glad you got them and I am glad that they will go to good use ! Hope you're having a wonderful time; I am getting ready for the holidays, so of course everthing is great !! Take care !
  3. ANNE! u are WAY to generous! I totally will use those deo for my residents!) thank u for the wonderful trade!: Happy Holidays!

  4. So sorry I wasn't on yesterday to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :D Too much going on lately, but I wish you all the best and hope you had the greatest birthday ever. Btw, I sent my trade to you the other day so you should recieve it soon; think of it as a birthday envie :D
  5. Looooove the halloween costume, tres sexy !
  6. Thanks for the wishes, Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving !
  7. Hehe, new roommate sounds like fun Luckily for me, DS is too young still for school, or even play school, so no having to get him ready for the back to school rush yet. Although he did try day care recently ... and it went so well that he was so traumatized that he wouldn't sleep alone for a week hehe. (Fun, fun, fun ... did I mention he also got sick the day after his first day there with a cold/fever ? bleh ....). Ah well, with DH having to go back to school it's almost like getting a kid ready lol (he is a high school teacher, but still ...), there was clothes shopping, shoe shopping, supplies and nerves In all, though, I am looking forward to cool weather after that last heat wave ! As for doing one of your trains, I would love to ! I will look out for the next one :D Hopefully your week goes well (thank goodness for Labor day ! yay ! extra day off :D). Have fun and talk soon.
  8. thats a great photo u have posted! WOW, thanks for coming by, I don't have kids so for me, its all good in terms of not having to run around getting them ready for school.. but i have a new roommate so i've been helping him instead!? i hope to see u on a train of mine some day soon! .. hopefully this week isn't gonna be too crazy
  9. Just dropping by for a quick hello ! Life is busy (hehe, I guess it would be unusual if it weren't), and school has started so DH is back at work, teaching from 9:00 to 4:00. Hope all is well with you !,
  10. thanks yah i dont normally wear make up! but when i do get dolled up i feel i look totally different! .. your baby is a cutie!
  11. BTW, I Love your pic !!! It is gorgeous !
  12. Hehe, I don't know if it's just the hormones, but oh my gosh that story just made me tear up ! It sounds almost exactly like when I was younger and we were at the nursing home when my grandfather passed away. It is wonderful that you were with him in the end, though, and that he had comfort from someone as nice and caring as you ! You should definitely take the painting, though, it is a terrific memory and story and I honestly think it speaks volumes about how much he and his family appreciated what you did for him.
    As for losing a pet, especially the first one (I am always taking in strays hehe, but I actually adopted my cat when he was a kitten), it is really hard. Like you said, they become like family and you end up missing them when they're not around. Btw, I would love to join one of your trains ! Hehe, I just keep missing them, especially since I either get to hop on the computer either early in the morning or late at night
  13. OMG im so sorry, losing a pet can be just as doesn't matter if its a cat or a dog they are like family. if i lost my dog that would be more difficult then losing a resident for sure.. its still hard. but i think its more hard cause the family came in and knew who i was cause i gave him so much painting stuff, and he had a picture he always said was me.. ! .. so .. his family was insisting that i take this picture! .. so hard breaking but i am glad i was there for them and for their loved one at least i knew he died when i was with him the entire night i came back to see him and held his hand, sat with him, talked to him played music for him put a cold cloth on his head, he had a fever.. he was so nice to me .. .. very sad but at the same time i was comforted in knowing he smiled at me, and i think he knew it was me.. even though he couldnt speak! .. the package made my night firday ..! and i hope to see u around on my trains sometime so i can return the nice ness u sent me!
  14. That's so sad It must be hard sometimes, the work you do, especially when you make friends with the people there. I'm glad at least that your weekend got a bit better !
    No comparison to a person, but my cat died last week and I had a bit of a crappy week before my package came, and it totally made my day that you liked it so much That cat being my first pet and all and my husband and I adopted him a year after getting married when we were having trouble having kids ... hehe, in all, you being that happy at your package really cheered me up. I really did enjoy that you liked it that much and getting my package was nice as well.
    In all, a successful first package train experience
    Hope all is well and that you're having a nice week so far ... the weather today was less than perfect, but hopefully it will get better since my in-laws will be in town this weekend just in time for my b-day ! Have a BBQ planned, so hopefully it will be fun in the sun
  15. it was a good start to my weekend, as the last shift of my weekend my friend a resident died on my shift so i had a rough night ! thanks again
  16. Hey there,
    I am sooooo happy you liked everything !!! hehe even the little notes I am especially glad the package arrived on such a needed day ... Toblerones are a great pick me up lol. I loved your post on the train's thread , it was so cute! As for not seeing me around I guess its because I'm still a little new to SC, but I am glad to have met you and even more glad you liked everything !! Take care and thanks for the trader rating
  17. THANK U THANK U THANK U THANK U! U TOTALLY MADE MY DAY . i was having a horrible day was out shopping to feel better, came home to unload the car and the post truck pulls up im reading my mail.. BILLS BILLS BILLS i saw this huge box i was so happy.. I wondered who must of had me.. such a nice person certainly did u are too cute with your little notes.. i'm surprised i've never seen u around before.. but certainly glad now we are connected.. super package! i will post soon the pics etc. my dog is already playing with her toy!
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