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  1. I did some calculations and your $60 on smashbox gives you 24k+ points, a value of $58+ on a $200 redemption. And now i am sooooo tempted to spend money on smashbox.. ; (

    I really need to skip your posts. You make me spend money. Lol
  2. I know your feelings about make up. Cosmetics is my new obsession!
    I have redeemed my points tor LW kip liners. I wanted to buy either smashbox or stila lip liners but my teeny tiny sdm doesn't carry a lot of this stuff. So i bought LW liners and very happy about it. You know how i feel about LW. Lol.

    I believe i have 125 sephora points (lol). Are they transferable? I will happiky transfer it to your sephora account. I don't need sephora points. I have sdm glitch! Kekeke
  3. Haha, that is how I got hooked on the extravagent mascara. I love it! They have had it as a 100 point sample a couple times so i will go make a small purchase then to redeem 100 points on it lol. I am looking forward to the nars lip pencils for the birthday gift but i have to wait till october lol boooooo. It's true people don't know what they are missing, but quality makeup is worth every penny. It goes on your FACE lol.That is not where I want to save $$$. I bought a couple smashbox lip liners recently and they are fantastic too, and they come in really great nude colours which is hard to find. Nude without being TOOOO nude. I could talk makeup all day LOL
  4. Anne, i have the extranvagant mascara travel size. I didn't buy it, i got it in my sephora order. I also got 2 nars lip pencils (travel size) when i placed an order in January or February i guess. Needless to say that i loved these samples so much that i ended up buying nars lip pencils in this vanouver trip. Too bad i bought them at sdm (murale) instead of sephora. Lol

    The makeupforever's volumizing mascara makes my eye lashes clumpy so i have to be very careful every time i use it. But the staying power is amazing!

    I wish i could hand out little samples of mascara and liners and eye shadows to everyone in our sdm community on SC. They will never know what they are missing out until they try it out themselves.
  5. it's very tempting to call and double points lol, but I'll just wait till tomorrow.
  6. Wow. Sale + 20x flyer product bonus pts + 20x emailed product bonus pts + flyer promo! This doesn't happen a lot but Your stars aligned perfectly! Good for you and your cutie pie.
  7. Thanks! I got so lucky, I had signed up for the Enfamil Club before and they had sent me coupons, and they just sent me $20 coupons for the A+2 Enfamil which is for 6 months, becuase Luke just turned six months. I had signed up at my moms and my house, but they sent two envelopes each to the two addresses lol, so 4x$20 coupons! And then the 20x in store, and the 20x personal coupon?! Crazy! lol AND it was on sale even. Love when things like this happen lol
  8. Hanks for confirming! Lol. It sounded too good to be true so that's why i was skeptical.

    thanks for your help.
  9. Why do I need to confirm? lol I blogged it so it is confirmed, otherwise I wouldn't have blogged it lol Only passport photos do not count.
  10. Hi anne!

    i was reading your blog post about sdm $0.09 for 4x6 photos and you mentioned that if we pick up our pictures on a 20x day we get the pts too. Can you confirm that shoppers photos are included in a 20x promo day? Issounds too good to be true. What if i my photos order is atleast $50.00? Do i really get the pts on my purchase? Have you done that ever?

    thanks in advance.
  11. Hi anne. I have read a lot of your comments about target on different threads and you always seem so confident about their policies or stuff like that. So i was just curious if you work there or have a relative/friend work there?
    or maybe you shop there too much. Lol
  12. Hi! I did some searching and I can't find it. I think there was a recent one about what's the most you would pay for something. I will let you know if I find it.
  13. Hi Anne.

    since you are the moderator of some forums here, so i guess i should ask you this question. Once i read in i dont know which forum that some smart members of this community have come up with guidelines as to what price is the best price (per gram/ per litre/ per paper towel/per toilet paper roll etc) to pay for. I cant remember which forum has this thread. Can you send me the link? Is there really such a thread or was i dreaming?
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