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  1. oh thanks for the reply anne -2 small boys how cute -my grandkids are almost 5 in oct & 8 month 2 girls my son/wife have -I will be babysitting the 8 month old in the fall 2 days a week to save son/wife some money
    then my daughter/hubby have a 22 month old son -take care
  2. Hi! Sorry, just saw your message now! Glad you were able to get that deal on shoppers beauty boutique I love that lipgloss lol. Hope you are doing well too and enjoying your grandchildren My little guys have just turned 4 and 3, well 3 at the end of August. Crazy how time flies, but they are definitely keeping me busy!
  3. thanks anne for the tip about free shipping on shoppers boutique (I have never shopped on there before)-I have just started online shopping about 2 years ago -I love it (hubby questions- that are you online shopping again he asks)I buy all the grandkids clothing at the gap (cheaper of course) and a bit for me

    hope all is good with you -still love smart canucks all these years later -have a great weekend with your family
  4. Thanks for the heads up! I am loving Carter's lately! I got Luke all kinds of sweaters and tops a couple weeks ago for $2.99 each, and then I got him a $30 pair of shoes for $4.99. And yes that is amazing that you can return it if you are buying sizes ahead. It's sort of a guessing game when they will fit into what and sometimes the skip over sizes lol. Love that place. and thanks, I will have to check out walmart if I go up there
  5. anne thanks for the tip that carters had a lot of 2.99 reduced clothing -I managed to get only 1 item today sleepers with the feet in for "ashlyn" 2nd birthday in oct -isn't it great they let you return if it doesn't fit with the bill -never now how babies grow some are long ,skinny and my dear "ashlyn" is short and chubby little belly -I also wanted to tell you walmart(rymal) had a cute few items marked down to 3.00 incase you are interested -I got a strawberry shortcake top and funky tightsfor 3.00 each today -going into her easter presents -boy its hard not to spoil them when you a fist time nana
  6. A very happy new year to you as well, and I hope you had a good Christmas and are feeling better. I am sure you will enjoy your time with your granddaughter. My mother in law always steals Luke from me lol, she can't get enough of him.
  7. happy new year -a look at that sweet little baby boy in the picture -I bet he is growing -cant wait next week I watch my granddaughter 3 times -haven't seen her since boxing day -but I have been sick (don't want to give it to babies even thou she is one -she started daycare today (just 2 days a week)take care thanks for all that you do for us on here too-much appreciated
  8. haha yep I started using the odd coupon here and there as a teenager and it just multiplied every year after that lol
  9. Thank you so much!! My family had thanksgiving dinner on my birthday so it was great and yes you must be getting one hell of a workout from your granddaughter lol. 21 lbs is an awful lot to be lugging around. My little guy is almost 17 lbs now and thanks to him i'm getting whipped back into shape pretty fast. You must be thrilled to be babysitting her though, that is nice!
  10. happy belated birthday anne -just read about it in nats thread -hope you had a good one -I just started babysitting my one year old granddaughter for 2 or 3 days a week til January-wow I sure don't need a gym -she is 21 pounds and what a work out I ache all over today-don't even feel like doing work around my place -lol
    - I bet your little guy is getting bigger-ahhh I see a picture of him now -how cute is he-take care
  11. happy birthday anne -thanks for all the work you do for us on sc
  12. anne the walmart books are sealed in plastic and at the register-at rymal road walmart if you are going near that area -good coupons in the back too
  13. thanks anne you fixed my problem -much appreciated
  14. happy birthday anne-hope you have a great one
  15. thank you anne for the hot deals thread -i really enjoy it so awesome of you to do it
  16. thanks for the nice rep -have a great night
  17. have a super great day anne
  18. happy holidays
  19. happy birthday anne- have a great one
  20. have a very happy thanksgiving
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