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  1. Thanks Ashley
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you have a fabulous day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo
  3. thanks
  4. hey amberley, apparently there might be a prize or something if you add friends on swagbucks, my username is ashleyhegmans if you want to add me and you can look on the swag bucks thread and everyone has listed their usernames to add as well
  5. awesome!
  6. your welcome still waiting for the olay body wash to go on sale - i have enough coupons to buy 13!
  7. that would be awesome! thank you so much!! I can't believe they still had some anywhere. oh, and you must have signed up under my swagbucks link b/c i'm getting points for searches i can't believe you're earning that many pnts a day, that's amazing!
  8. i found those rolos at walmart today - do you want 12?
  9. i usually get about 75 a day - poll, survey, NOSO, toolbar, about 3 search wins a day, 10 for playing 10 games, plus a bunch of SBTV that have playing in the background. i should have signed up under your name and then you'd get my search points. i didn't know that it paid to get referrals. plus every once in a while i qualify for a survey. also i try and get all the bonus codes which might be once or twice a day. last week i ended up getting all the valentine special bucks so i got a bonus 50 SB i did a task once too for like 120 SB or something.
  10. What have you been doing to get your swagbucks... I search, do the polls and just started watching the videos, youre doing awesome with them!
  11. haha true though!! yes it is - and i have enough for my 3rd swag bucks gc now.
  12. I always knew you were loonie! lol It's addicting isn't it?!?!
  13. I'm a caloonie now!!!!!
  14. k i'll save them for you and i'm keeping my eye out for other things too, no luck on the rolo chocolate bars let me know if you have any other ideas on what kind of stuff to get and how to get it cheap or free.
  15. I'm going to pick some up today or tomorrow, but I only have enough couons for 5, I think, and I need 10-12. That would be awesome!
  16. do you have enough stayfree pads for your gift baskets? i have 4 that you can have if you need them (got them for free at walmart yesterday)
  17. Thank you! And thanks for the ones you sent before! I just got thinking and I don't think I had thanked you yet!
  18. sent a whole bunch of coupons to you this morning hope you can use most of them... if not you can trade them.
  19. You found me! Welcome to SC!!
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