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  1. And sure I like Green Giant. Why?
  2. B! Leave feedback for my train! You're the last one slowpoke and I want it done and over with before I start my next one.*POKE*
  3. LOL that's too much work for you!
  4. Bahahah, do you want me to find you a background ?
  5. I'm too lazy to change it. LOL. That's why Noah's got his shades on!!
  6. Oh my eyeballs !
  7. WOWzers, my page is so BRIGHT! LOL are we having a double conversation now? If I'm typing here I'm ignoring you on MSN you do realize?
  8. :D
  9. Hahahah !
    and thanks ! hehe some people commented that it's too pink, but if they don't like it then they don't have to come on my page LOL.
  10. And OMG I LOVE YOUR PINK PAGE. Soooooooo pretty!
  11. Yippee, you are the bestest (friend I've never met) friend I've ever met! LOL.
  12. Yeah for sure
  13. B, I see you are finding lots of good tearpad coupons. If you think of it could you always grab me a couple too? I'd gladly send you some stamps for your trouble. Just so hard to get out with baby and DH doesn't like me lagging behind searching all the aisles for tear pads.
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