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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family. Wishing you all a happy, prosperous and healthy 2013.
  2. Season's Greetings attitash!
  3. Glad you agree!!! Really I'm so sick of people acting like animals should always be treated like nothing - they really do have a lot of feeling and should be treated well, they actually deserve it more than a lot of people do!!! take care!
  4. Well said!!!!!
  5. Happy birthday....hope all your dreams come true!!!

  6. have a great time in Vermont attitash, take care and enjoy!!!
  7. Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2012!

  8. My best wishes to you this holiday season!
  9. Thanks and thanks for reminding me about the extra hour's sleep, I'll sure need it, I still haven't packed!!! been checking shuttles etc too long!!! Take Care!
  10. Have a geat trip...good thing you get a bonus hour of sleep tonight!
  11. Congrats on you win. Sounds like you played well! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Have a good time! Hope the weather is great!
  13. I'm soooo glad you agree with my take on zoo's, I don't understand why everyone doesn't have more feeling for those poor animals being put on display with people ruining their lives!! Oh I wish it would just be a bad thing of the past!!!!
  14. Good to get the elephants to a better enviroment but my daughter is not happy....loves elephants!
    As for zoos...I totally agree.
  15. Happy Easter. ..all the best to you & your family.
  16. Happy Birthday...hope you have a great day! Any big plans?
  17. Great pic as per usual! Looks like all had fun!
  18. Enjoy the 1st day of spring. Thanks for the report on last night`s show. Just made me more dissapointed I missed it!
  19. Just noticed the friendship request, thanks, I gladly accept attitash!
  20. Right on! I've got their CD's too! Too bad you can't come tonight it's gonna be great I know it!!! Anyways, have a good rest of the night anyways!
  21. Had a Goddo CD on yesterday!
  22. Thanks for sharing the pictures...very nice. Sure you had a good time!
  23. Thanks, yes I was actually as close as anyone could get touching the stage! I like to make sure I can see well at a concert. It was really good.
  24. Love the pictures. Nice job. You must have been close.
  25. Thank you attitash, I am very excited! I love to travel. I have been trying to win a trip for years and finally it has happened......I will enjoy it to the max!
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