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  1. Happy Easter to you and yours...
    heading to Banff today ........will have a few for you!!!! back end of April...tis all downhill from here......
  2. Thanks for the update - appreciate you taking the time to write - it is SNOW nice of you..keep in touch PM anytime....cheers fellow downhiller
  3. Busy at work & lots of skiing. Mostly just got out of the habit on the forum. Sure hope the winter before us has even more snow than this year! Cheers. Think SNOW!
  4. Great to get a message from you - where the heck have you been..I hope all is ok..Yes great ski season..managed a week at Massif, lots of local skiing, and heading to Banff early April...have missed your ski and winter support on here
  5. Loving the winter snow far
  6. 100 days until the winter Olympics start
  7. Thanks for the message...oh ya can feel it in my bones - the snow is a coming - thinking first great snowfall should be by November 20th...... starting snow dance Thanksgiving weekend....
    You heading to the ski show this year ?
  8. It`s coming
  9. Hey ski pal...all is well here. Some nice, cool summer days. Days are getting shorter. Will be on the slopes in no time. Think snow!
  10. Heh ski pal - haven't seen you around - hope everything is okay and you are slopeside somewhere with powder!!!
  11. skiing has been amazing - good practise for heading to Massif this week.....think snow my friend
  12. Opening ceremonies are 1 year away
  13. happy skiing to you too!!!! ski pal

  14. heading north tonight when hubby gets home - looking forward to some great skiing tomorrow...woohoo then next week we head back to Le Massif..... cheers
  15. Hope the weather cooperates for your ski day tomorrow....the temps are to drop by heading out tomorrow night. We booked a getaway to Massif mid Feb. Would highly recommend it..we were there last Feb/Mar....
    thinking, dancing,praying SNOW
  16. Thanks ski mate - shall have a few runs for you....
    you certainly had a grand day at the mountain.
    think snow
  17. Love your message with the gold skier....thank you so much for the congrats!!!!!
    Think Snow
  18. Congrats on striking gold!
  19. No wonder my legs started burning yesterday. Will get a few runs in for you today. Also plan on skiing on Friday so get one good dance going. Cheers
  20. Had a great day on the slopes - had a few runs for you Do the same for me tomorrow. Arghh - have to work - what was I thinking!!! Hoping to ski Thurs and Friday but they are calling for - the R word. Will review snow dance for dummies tonight !! Cheers
  21. You have that right - waiting for SNOW.
    Not skiing now til Monday - and I think the forecast said some snow tomorrow...arghhhh must rejig my snow dance!!!!!
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