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  1. Did you still need to use the chocolate fountain? I forgot all about it until mom mentioned it today
  2. Thanks!! I'll take a look at them tonight after the kids are in bed
  3. Not problem! Keep them, two people felt sorry for me so enjoy!
  4. Thanks for the flyers!!! Do you want them back after I am done looking at them?
  5. I went in there today and the only types on are rice krisp, corn flakes, raisin bran and spec k (reg only).
  6. Thanks for the flyer!! GREAT deal on the cereal!
  7. I have the Walmart flyer that starts tomorrow (it was in with the mail) so I am just going to take a quick look at it and then I'll leave it at the bottom of your stairs for you Great price on the cereal!!!
  8. I do have a pool that may work for the kids I'll try and leave it in the foyer so you can take a look at it. Do you guys have a pump to fill it up with air?
  9. I was at Zellers North today and the baby dept is 30-40 but the car seats were all gone
  10. Yup you're the nasty (or was it evil???) ex,lol....I didn't look around tonight but I think we may go tomorrow.
  11. How was Costco? I hear that I'm a nasty ex!?!??! Hee hee hee
  12. I hope she starts taking it soon for you guys Not having any luck with the bottles either?
  13. We were able to get some. Thanks for the tip! Now we just need her to take it!! She doesn't like it of course... lol!
  14. Were you able to get any of the formula at SS? Mom got lucky and somehow was able to get the 2pk of formula (w/iron and the extras) for $7.49 instead of $14.99 !!! But when she went back in to check it for us it was back to $14.99 which is still a good buy for 2 cans
  15. Woohoo!!! You finally joined
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