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  1. awww cute ferrets!!!!
  2. I hope you had a great w-e too!

  3. I don't know
    I found this and I immediately though about you
  4. who's baby ferrets?
    Looks like a he, is beautiful
  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwww ^_________^
    Baby ferrets are teh love!

  6. OK, when speaking Nintendo to me, it is like being on the outside of an inside joke.
  7. It's a Nintendo Super Mario joke!!!
    'Mario Fire Flower'... hehe!
  8. I guess it is above me, but, that last pic just leaves me
  9. oh yeah?

  10. That would be a effing good week-end!!!
  11. that kind of "cheeky" I could enjoy all weekend...
  12. Hey Sexy!!!

  13. I was in, saw him and had x-rays done all within 1/2 hour.
  14. I had too! I ended up waiting 2h30 hours... bleh!
    It's not cool, I will have to go back next week again
  15. I know, but had an early doctor's appointment.
  16. Hi you!
    Gah it's sooo early *yawn*

  17. Have a super great weekend!
    Don't forget to eat a banana daily!!!

  18. It's not a banana phone it's a radio!

    Found on this website:

    Do you have a cellphone? If yes, you should get this:

    I WANT ONE!!!!
  19. hey..where did ya see the banana phone?

  20. I think you're right! hehe

  21. Have a nice day friend! Cherries are fun!!!
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