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  1. Hello Lites, im doing ok, mothers day was very hard, ive been working alot just to keep busy, but not to much to burn myself out, wedding plans are slowly coming together, 3 months left lol i still have a lot of things that need to be done, i had my bridal shower last weekend, went great, lots of gifts, that was a hard day too, but im getting stornger, how are things with you ?
  2. Hi Becky! Just wanted to pop in and see how you are doing and if things are going better for are the wedding plans coming along?
  3. you are welcome! anything i can do to help just ask.
  4. thankyou very much, but i just bought one last week, i tried finding my mom's but couldnt find it anywhere, but i found one that i new she would love cause once i put it on i knew and cryed my heart out, thankyou so very much again.
  5. Keep your chin up, Easter will be hard, but you are a very lucky woman to be getting married!If you need a wedding dress, I might have an extra new one you can have.
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