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  1. WowWee! Are you still active hear? Look at all those hearts! Drop me a line if you're still around.
  2. It is great to hear from you.... Too bad about the meeting change... Sometimes I wonder if others have kids.... Drive safely!
  3. Happy Halloween!
  4. BUSY! That's what the new job is. Not much time for passing messages. I still manage to collect points! Priorities! All the Best!
  5. How are you my friend? I hope you are enjoying the long wonderful weekend and a very happy Thanksgiving!
  6. Friday was excellent. I got to drive my sports car with the top down.... for several hours yesterday.... I will take any nice weather I can before the snow flies...
    Thnks for the rep, and I hope your new job is exactly what you wanted...!
  7. Our Trip was amazing, and I see you asked on your page if I tried the Mcdees seafood sandwhich. The Mclobster... I was adviced against. I had had several fantastic Lobster rolls... and was told by someone who tired it thast they couldn't find or taste any lobster in it....How are you?
  8. Thank you for the rep my friend! If possible it was better than marvelous. The weather, food, and people we encountered mad it amazing. The weather was unlike any other Nova Scotia had ever seen. They broke records daily! How are you doing?
  9. Thanks for your thought my LADY friend!

    I am feeling better & think I will go to work today.

    BTW - BEAUTIFUL Front walkway!

    Be Well!
  10. THanks for the compliment... I think! I had a feeling they would let you out. I put in a good word for you....As for prospects, one came out of nowhere last wek and looks promising. Not saying much in this pulic area.... hwever will let you knoe more when I know it!
  11. Your ARE the BEST, Lady!

    How's FAMILY? Hubby having any luck with prospects?

    They let me out though!
  12. Thank you for repping me AGAIN!!!! Can never have enough reps!!! lol.. TTFN
  13. Hi BertBert!

    All is well here! We are happy and healthy and staying positive!
    How are things with you? I bet you enjoyed your pool this past weekend!!!

    Are you staying out of trouble?
  14. Hey There Lady!

    I hope ALL is Well!
  15. Oh well these things happen and there never is an ideal time for it. Thanks for the rep and the pm! I always knew you were a nice guy!...
    Hope the sun comes out so you and your family can enjoy your pool! Have fun!
  16. Thank you BertBert! I am doing well and I appreciate you dropping me a note!
    I recall to when I joined in late January, everything seemed so overwhelming!!!
    Like everything else, it doesn't take long to get used to it...
    It seems to me you have been behaving yourself... whether that is a good thing or is up to you!!!
  17. Hey There Lady Friend! Thanks for the REP! To think a while back I had no clue what reppin was or how to do IT!

    I hope all is well with you!
  18. You are always a gentleman, at least where I am concerned and from what I see in and around here! Thank you for your ALL the BEST for me and mine... and I accept them graciously for my "YOURS". I hope to see you around soon!
  19. All is well here MMMME! All the BEST to you & Yours (Whatever "YOURS" May Be)!

    Likewise when I hear from you! The Pleasure is ALL mine!
  20. How are you BertBert? We had an amazing Easter out of this
    I hope yours was equally as wonderful!
    It is always a pleasure to hear from you!
  21. HEY! MMMME! I hope your Easter Weekend was Out of This World!

    All The Best to YOU!
  22. You are welcome ! Me too I do not realize it....
    Sleep well!
    Will see you later!
  23. Hey! I rec'd your REP! Thanks for your thoughts! I have had to catch up on some rest - TOO many late nights here!

    Thanks for the REP!
  24. You are most welcome
  25. Thanks for the B'Day Wishes!
  26. No I do not know for real. Am I supposed to?
    I am not from Ontario originally
  27. Come ON! You don't know Cindy Lou Who!! For real!!
  28. lol.. I see you dancing too as you rep! Thanks for sharing the beat with me and I feel like dancing too!
  29. Good morning BertBert!
    I didn't see your post last night. How nice of you to think of me!
    Hope your day is delicious!
  30. Cheers! Good Night!
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