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  1. I hope you are doing well! I haven't seen you in a long while!
    Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

  2. I am glad you had a great time. There are some wonderful wineries on or near Niagara on the Lake. We've gone on wine tours stayed over for a few nights...Went to the theater there...You feel like you are away yet not far from home...
  3. Hi Mmmme...we had a great time at the show. I tried Gretzky's Cabernet & thought it was quite good. I won't try a different beer at the wine & cheese show, they have their own festival in the summer! Thanks for asking.
  4. Thank you for Thursday's rep my friend! I fell behind for the first time, in thanking people for their reps... for me late is better than never!
    Thank you for the compliment about my car! I am loving it!
    Hope you get tickets to the sportsman show tonight, and that your Saturday is everything you want and more!
    Hope your Saturday is an enjoyable one!
  5. You are welcome for the rep! I still need to go back a few days to say thank you. It is rude and I do not like taking so long to reply.
    I used to be in sales for one of the breweries... and we had a booth there... Funny thing is, I do not drink beer.... the taste and the smell make me ill.
    You will enjoy it. Much to see and taste.
    See you later!
  6. Thanks for the rep....what type of work were you doing at the show? I always say the wine & cheese show is a "research" event.
  7. lol lapense weps...
    Hope the sun is shining where you are!
  8. It was a superb weekend albeit a bit cool. Yet again it is early March.
    I too am back at work.... and I am happy with that. It helps pay the bills.
    Thank goodness the toddlers get tired so fast... or we would be worn out before them
  9. Yes- busy, but fabulous! I was out in St. Catherine's for my nephew's 1st birthday yesterday. He was exhausted by the end of it! Enjoy the wonderful weather, I'm back to work today!
  10. Thank you for the rep! Hope your had a fabulous weekend!
  11. If it's a jury trial, then I seek to have a mistrial declared! I believe one of the jurors may have direct involvement in the case and is not impartial! I further seek to have the accused's charges stayed and an absolute discharge granted!
  12. Wasn't going to reply as the jury is still out.
  13. Sorry if you were offended, I was just messing around. Nothing was mean-spirited, it was just a little teasing.
  14. Excuse me. There was no purpose or reason for your post...
    or for your rude rep. I was brought up and follow the ruk=le, if I have nothing nice to say I wouldn't post it for the world to see...! You are lucky I didn't choose your other fav expression. Perhaps you might consider following what it says
  15. Thank you Bigred! If only I had written it... however along with yourself, it seem others thought it was funny too! That makes me happy! I must be on fresh air drugs everything is making me laugh out loud... I feel as if I am buzzed!
  16. I am happy you liked the joke. It was funny to me when I first read it, and then I posted it and... well you liked it and that makes me Thanks for the rep, and the jpg. Now everyone I work with knows I am
  17. Thank you! You are very kind! ;-)
  18. I give up, the only option I find for attaching a pic is to add one from a URL. If you want, send (PM) me your email address and I'll send it to you.
  19. Thank you bigred. I learned with this system you can attach a picture like you did to add your avatar. If you go to send an advanced post, you can attach a pic from your computer.
  20. I tried to send you the pic for the "mental" avatar, but I'm no genius. You can cut & paste it to your own computer, if you want, then use it for messenger. I'll figure out this site yet!
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