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  1. Oh yes my hair was up this time! And I lost lots of weight since I had my daughter(and I think I met you shortly after I had her!) Don't be sorry!
    Oh you are more than welcome!!! I love being able to share savings with people that like the same things that I do! Do I ever have a bunch of those coupons! I will let you know if I can't use all of them up before expiry and some more will come your way!
    My husband love the timmothys cinnomin pastry one so if it's anything like that he'll love it! He is pretty good with any kind of coffee. Me I am little more picky!
    Looking forward to seeing you again in March!
    Take care!
  2. Hi there sweet Kerri. Sorry I did not recoznize you. The last time I saw you you had lots of blondish hair and you lost weight too. Anyhoo...CINNAMIN TOAST that is the darn flavor we got. Thanks so much for the Folgers coupons. That was one of the nicest things someone has done for me. You have made MY day. Hopefully we'll get together around the end of March and I will bring the Cinnnamin coffee and whatever else hubby buys that we don't like haha.......Take care sweetie

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