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  1. Best wishes buttertart for the following year!
  2. Thank you for Muki's get well wishes.
  3. Hi, just wanted you to know I liked that Rhino/elephant joke! lmao! Some things just get to us, I guess! Anyways, take care and enjoy your Saturday night!
  4. Thank you for the Date Night movie review!
  5. That's exactly what I would get - a big scratching post/cat condo/climbing thingy because it's something I would probably never buy otherwise!
  6. Thanks for the congrats! I'm not sure what I'll buy with the money, there's no time limit. My kitties already have a lot of things - lots of comfy beds, toys, drinking fountains, scratching posts etc. One of those really big climbing thingies would be nice, but we'll see! Nothing like spoiling your pets!
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