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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! my friend. I hope you are doing well!
  2. Thanks for the rep! I know how you feel about missing out on repping, but you do have a real life that is much more important! Have a wonderful Mother's day!
  3. Thanks for the Mothers' Day wishes!
  4. Thank you Buttertart. I appreciate you kind words however you in my opinion are funnier! That is good because that means I get to laugh more!
  5. Yes, you've had some really funny ones, too!
  6. Are you a prophet or you just happen to come upon these expressions??? Regardless they are excellent! Thanks so much for sharing them!
  7. lmao.... you are more twisted than I..., no, we're pretty equal.
    time for me to sleep! thanks for the good rep!
  8. This one was too funny and you got me thinking... and that is healthy!
    I will see you later!!!
  9. lol re the guys following the cars in front of them too closely 100% of the time.. so true! - I think some men live vicariously through these drivers.... fulfilling a childhood dream..
    LMAO... good rep! How is your day going? Is your son keeping you hopping??? He gets paid for that you know!
    I will catch you later!!!
  10. As NASCAR races go, it was pretty tame. Rockit's favourite driver took over the points lead, though, so that was noteworthy. Men excel at that job since it involves following the driver ahead of you too closely 100% of the time!
  11. Thank you very much for the compliment. At work when I received an email from some one, or if they respond to one I have sent out I thank them, even if they unsubscribe . In here I want to thank people for visiting me & for reps. Not every one is as easy to chat with as you are! I suppose it is like in real life! Some folks you gravitate towards, & others you stay back a bit. Oddly, one member asked me why I thanked them for every rep etc.Said I never thought about it.. Asked if it bothered them, & was told not at all & I noted I do it to to other people & never had any other comments. Needless to say I limit my exchanges with this person.
    I recall seeing a little guy in a post of yours. I have been so busy at work lately I read posts but very quickly. I do remember him being so cute!
    Are you enjoying your Nascar? I had it on briefly, but get dizzy when they switch to a camera in the car. I could not do that job for sure...
  12. Not at all! I think you're a delightful lady! You're by far the most polite member of the thread and I would never think you were being mean, for lack of a better word. I have heard that jobs in horse racing do not pay well - I think I saw that on an episode of "Undercover Boss" with the CEO of Churchill Downs, as a matter of fact. My wee man is 5 years old. I posted a picture of him not too long ago with his new shirt which says "I take the JOY out of shopping" on it. Now that was teasing - or at least it will be when he's old enough to understand what it says and means!
  13. You must think I am a real nut. I won;t check with you next time I say something but if you are uncertain, let me know... I meant to tell you that a friend of min in the US works for the Horse racing association...She loves it but the pay sucks... lol How old in your wee one? my baby is 15.5
  14. I know you were teasing! I wish I could be drinking but I'm home alone with my wee man and I don't like to get tipsy unless there's another adult present. Yes, the Derby always has a pre-race show where they highlight the horses and owners. I will be sure to tune in at 4pm just to make sure I don't miss a minute. There is no description, unfortunately, it just says "Coverage of the Kentucky Derby from Louisville, KY." It's not on any Canadian stations, either! I just have one more thing to do on SC and I will be signing off until later. ttfn
  15. lol I was teasing you! Sometimes Express Vu has a pre-event show and that could why it is listed at 4. What was the description for the 4 pm show? A friend of mine has the horse race network and she bets on races from there... Not my cup of tea... Funny ting , she tells me often she doesn't know where all her money goes
  16. Not drinking, so no excuse, I suppose! I've been doing inside chores, too. Vacuuming, laundry, etc. Just waiting for the Derby to start and then will flip over to the NASCAR race after that! I loooove race day!!
  17. Alright my friend, what are you drinking??? Elfinio?
    My hopes to sand my deck are shot for now... so it is inside work around here! Any plans?
  18. That could be it, though it showed on then person's post they were here. Who knows...
    I won't lose sleep over it! have fun whatever you do!
  19. Hey Mmmme... Sometimes I'm over on the NASCAR thread so my 'dot' will show green that I'm online but since I'm just not in the Q thread at that moment my name is not on the bottom of the page. Is that what you meant?
  20. You know I have a good friend who has a lisp and her name begins with an S as does her hubby's and we have laughed over lisp having an s. I know we are off centre!!!
    Great rep! Enjoy your weekend!
  21. You my friend missed your calling!
    I do not recall if you will be going for breakfast tomorrow, however if you do, good luck and have fun!
  22. lmao.. yuck thank you for that visual in the rep..... I will be very careful with what I touch and do not touch!
  23. lol your rep.... yes they can as long as they are from vegetable oil....
  24. Thank you I learned quickly to keep liquids out my mouth when reading what you have repped or posted! I am happy You accepted my friendship request. I thought I had had you on my friend list... anyhow now you are!
  25. Thank you! You are funny too!
  26. I still think you are so funny! Thank for the rep! I am trying to get some repping done ... so if I am can I will get you soon!
  27. Thanks for the link. I often wonder if the creators of these commercials are men. I am sure in most cases they are.If anyone told me to have a happy period.... well you know!
    There some cream I use for my face and it is a good brand, and they call it skin decrumpling cream. What woman would call a product that name???
    I hope you had a good day today, and before I forget, thanks for the rep! Asteroids would be a much better name!
  28. If you liked the "Have a happy period" ad you should like this one, too. I wanted to send it to you yesterday - I could remember the ad but I couldn't remember which brand it was advertising. I saw the ad again tonight and made a note of the brand to track it down for you, so here's a link:
  29. That is fine with me.... I love laughing. I chose to open it while on a webcast so I muted my phone just in case! Much better to be like you than to whine and complain!!!
  30. Somedays I'm just feeling a little corny! Just a silly little wordplay!
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