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  1. Thanks for the info no I don't have much. I live in a pretty small room. I have a bed, dining table and 2 small wood dining tables. One of them I have a back massager attached to it lol. I will decide in 3-4 weeks.
  2. Yum...a massaging one...
    Good reviews, too!!
    Good furniture is an investment...bean bag chairs are fine for kids and teen dorms, but it's time to invest in some good pieces, Cab! Just my personal opinion, however...
  3. Hi, Cab! you have a sofa, or a really good chair you feel comfy in, in your living-room? Futons are fine but again, they offer no back support: you'd have to put some plump pillows behind you to keep you from slouching and hurting your back. Maybe it's just me and my ... ahem ... recent back issues that are making me feel that absolutely everyone needs a chair that supports them...if so, just ignore me. I still vote for a nice recliner...they don't HAVE to look like an old guy's chair either, ya know..
    This is nice....legs elevated, better Huh?
  4. Thanks for birthday wishes, have a good evening.
  5. Happy easter to you.. off Fri but work Saturday 9-5 and then getting picked up at work to go to fish fry at cousins.
  6. I'm so wiped out and tired. Just woke up a couple hours ago and I'm already falling asleep lol. I'll go to bed at reasonable time tonight and be good to go tomorrow.
  7. Lol thanks, I like dealing with people for the most part.
  8. Hi, Cab! It sounds like a perfect job for you: interacting with customers. Not sure they'd want to hide you in the back when the rave reviews of your performance reaches them!
    Stay well, Hon!
  9. Lol, walks is great. Anyway the job is mostly customer service and also mixing paint etc. They say 20% of their store is retail and 80% industrial. Will start me out on retail side and then slowly train me for industrial side. It's funny because when I stopped by the Travelodge to say hi I bumped into one of the reg guests that always stays there. He was so happy to see me and I haven't been there since late 2012.
  10. Great job, Cab! You must have a great personality to win over those employers!! What job will you be doing at the paint place? Congratulations!
    And don't listen to Walks...she tells me everything....
  11. Lol it's a major retailer here. I applied online same day I left the other place. About 20 min walk. Hope it goes well.
  12. What new job?! What? Where?! What'd I miss?!
    Good luck, Cabbie!
  13. Cab...why not join us in this thread:
    The last time we did this, Curt81 blew us all out of the water!! I suspect he's going to do the same this time! Have a great weekend!!
  14. He mentioned wanting to do painting too. He also bought building next door (from same person) and started on that one first. Entire new roof and siding done in the summer.
  15. Oh, good!! Sounds like you have just the right person at the helm of that building, updating things; your new range shouldn't be too far away!
  16. Lol thanks I hope it fits. Usually xxl is good for me but who knows sometimes. Merry Christmas to you too. 3 more days at work but Christmas eve almost every office at work is closed but I still have things to do.
  17. Thanks robaxacet just made me sweaty lol. Back massager is working though.
  18. Ouch, sorry about your back, Cab....nothing worse, it affects everything! OTC muscle relaxants do work (I should know!), like Robaxacet...and like Hicks said, ice packs, and as much rest as you can get.
    Hope it gets better very soon, Hon!
  19. For sure, thanks for the rep.
  20. I wound't mind the weather here minus the rain lol. Have a good weekend too.
  21. Yeah lol so I go to Timmys to start today and he says a machine broke and they were doing inventory and it just got too crazy so I start thursday instead.
  22. Thanks.
  23. Ouch...$12 every shift? Yikes.....however, I guess bicycling at that hour of the night isn't such a wise idea, either, is it? Yes. Cabs are safe. Enjoy, Cab...who knows, management in no time at all!
  24. Its a 10min bus ride or 35min walk but since shift would start mostly at 3am there are no busses at that time. About $12 for a taxi but would only need it to get to work because can take bus home at noon.
  25. Thanks
  26. Hi, Cab! You have yourself a fantastic long weekend, Hon!!
  27. Sounds like a nice trip. I took a few nice trips in the past like Columbia south america and Germany.
  28. Happy easter to you..
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