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  1. I don't know if I could eat that thing lol. Well off to rest up for work.
  2. Nah, he's obsessed with lego lol. but I just thought I'd go another way.
  3. LOL....! He'll love you BEST!
  4. Yeah for christmas.
    Everyone else will probably be buying lego,lol.
  5. Thanks, sitting at work now birthday all over, whaaa,lol.
  6. Oh, dear, how tragic, Hon. Blessings to your Aunt and family...
  7. No its ok, He was on his way to sudbury and crashed on 144. Aunt was airlifted to sudbury hospital. I stayed in sudbury at my cousins place but I am home now in Timmins.
  8. You were in Sudbury and you didn't call??
    Sorry, lol...I was posting on Sheets page and our city's name jmped out at me...Sorry about your uncle....I never read anything about this...if I misunderstood, sorry....
  9. Thanks,looks good.
  10. Hi, Cab!
    I just came across this meatless recipe in my ivillage email so I thought I'd pass it along:
  11. Thanks you have a good weekend too..
  12. Thanks for the rep...I guess it was a good wednesday except for them pumping our septic tank and the smell,lol. Have a good night..
  13. Thanks for the rep...have a good day.
  14. No your not the only one who does it that's why i said you did it too,lol.
    Well Im off to try and sleep again little cousins have been keeping me up.
  15. LOLOL!! I hope I'm not the only one who posts on their own page! It's just being so accustomed to responding to someone right there and
    Have a great day, Hon!!!
  16. You posted on your own page too didn't you.
    Nah don't worry with these kids its just a lot of bs to shut them up I wouldn't do anything(most likely)
  17. Uh...remind me not to tick you off, K?
    Have a good night, Sweets!
  18. Im not your normal hotel clerk though..I have told team rooms shut the f up or i'll slam your head through a door and then not a peep the rest of the night,lol.
    Well Im off to bed soon.
  19. Oh, man...we've been in hotels that have had teams staying in them and even one night was awful. We got our money refunded...mixing regular guests on the same floor as a team is just not acceptable. I know it's a fun time for them...and although you'll survive...I bet you'll be reaching for a cold beer as soon as the last team disappears out the door!
  20. One of the teams checked in last night and were up and down the halls until after big deal though I'll survive,lol.
  21. Oh no....then heaven help you this weekend, Hon!!!
  22. Thanks for the rep..I'll try but I have to work this weekend at the hotel and we have soccer teams.
  23. Thanks.
  24. Nitey-night, then, Sweetie!
  25. and im off to try and rest for a couple hours for work.
  26. OOohhh that sounds yummy!! I hope your date was just as nice!
    We're off to The Keg this evening....I'm looking forward to lobster, too!
  27. Thanks for the rep. yeah we had a good time. She had a steak and I had the surf and turf burger which was a 4oz fillet Mignon topped with crab and lobster dip with bacon, peppers, and fried onion strings. The whole meal came to $107, I can't do that all the time,lol.
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