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  1. Yeah my aunt has been stopping by just to pick up my laundry lol. I put it in her trunk and she brings it back the next day. Hope everyone is doing well. I’m just not interested in posting much. Not just here but I’m always worn out and just tired all the time. I don’t post anywhere really except a couple Facebook groups. If you want to talk leave me a visitor message but I don’t check every day.
  2. Whew,@cabmonk! Glad you are ok! You must be missing seeing your aunt in all this mess!

    Why aren't you posting? We miss you.
  3. I’m around but not posting much. Hope you are doing ok. I check in from time to time but don’t really post.
  4. Hey, thanks just crazy because I feel so tried all the time. By the time I feel like going anywhere it's so late in the evening. I updated my health info at a couple places by email and on the phone before those places closed for the day. Also money was deposited into my bank account to buy a bus pass. I really have nowhere to go that requires a bus though lol and I can't use the money for anything else because they want receipt for the bus pass.
  5. Thanks very much for the rep!
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