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  1. Hey there
  2. Yeah its cool just wanted to check in see what was up.
  3. Hey there Cabmonk, how's things going? Thanks for the rep. Been very busy around here for the last while, but things will be slowing down this week, thank goodness school starts. Thanks again and talk soon, Moe.
  4. Oh im great,lol. 1 more night at work tonight for the week, fri morning, shopping,laundry,hair cut, lunch downtown. I'll be in bed by 2pm.
  5. Hi Cabmonk, thanks for the rep and the wave. How's life been treating ya?
  6. Nite nite cabmonk, have a good sleep.
  7. have a good day, Im off to bed.
  8. It was on Friday, but I haven't been on all weekend.
  9. Did I rep you,lol??..
  10. Thanks for the reps cabmonk, have a great tuesday, Moe.
  11. nah its all good thanks..
  12. Scared of us? Heaven's you need not worry.
  13. No,no,no,im scared,lol..
  14. Your welcome, Welcome to Skankville.
  15. Thanks for the raok, you're just too much,lol.

  16. Ok have a good evening..
  17. Gotta go pick the little one up from school, gab at ya later.
  18. It was great cabmonk, but what I was thrilled about was all the thoughtful cards and messages, it means alot.
  19. Its ok, don't think I did as much as some but did what I could..
  20. Yes I did, you big old skank, just teasing, I loved it. Thank you so much, I am still going to thank you all individually, but just started getting them on Tuesday, and had to work a double shift yesterday, and shopping today, plus trying to get some of the newbies adopted and update the valentine's thread. Never enough time in a day, lol. Thank you again Cabmonk.
  21. Thanks for the rep..
  22. I know your not, you too much of a sweetie, have a great day cabmonk.
  23. Hey not pushing you or anything,lol. Just wondering.
  24. Thanks for the rep, and yep I can if Boo wants one done, will talk to AmberLab, unless someone else wants to do one for a change, but it dosen't bother me if I do, just want to get this one over and done with first, lol. Have a great day cabmonk, Moe.
  25. Hey thanks about the prize I almost forgot,lol. Thats one of the reasons my family calls me princess bc I like shopping for stuff,lol. I hear these guys on some shows saying I don't wrap gifts, my wife knows I don't wrap gifts, so why would she ask me to. Hey I like to wrap gifts.
  26. I agree with you, that's why I try to tell folks to do a gift, but then again, if there's someone you know is having a hard time financially and you get them a $10 gc and add atleast $10 more due to the difference in postage, plus something small,. then that person may like it. But I'm like you, love doing the gifts up. Oh and I still have to send you out a prize.
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