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  1. It’s ok I already bought it. Just a microwave rice cooker. It was only $8.00 at the bargain shop. Will use for rice, beans and pasta. I’m trying to just use my microwave. This place has no oven or stove. However they have a microwave and will allow a toaster oven or an induction hot plate.
  2. Hi, Cabbie! Is there any particular reason you need to buy a rice cooker? Jeepers, even in our home I don't have room for yet another appliance, lol!! Do you have a microwave? Just 1 part rice, 2 parts water, cling-film cover, 15-20 minutes later, fluffy rice! You'll need a glass bowl of course, but much cheaper than a rice cooker. Or can you do other things in it that I'm not aware of?
    Glad you had a good move and are off to a lovely family Easter dinner! Are you as close as you were to places you mostly visited before?
    Happy Easter, Cabby!!
  3. I'm definitely going to keep trying thanks.
  4. Good LUCK!! You CAN do it!!!
  5. Yeah I hear ya. I'll keep going. I did buy some muffins not thinking. They were almost 300 calories each. I gave them to a neighbor. I also have $30 worth of subway gift cards. If I use them for lunch or dinner I'll go for the 6" ones that are healthier like sweet onion chicken teriyaki.
  6. You have a lovely weekend, too, to those sweet/salty snacks, we have diabetes in our family so I just have to keep thinking of that old commercial "Trix is for kids."....not grown-ups. We could get away with far more negligent eating and nibbling when we were all kids, but that changes and we have to start eating like healthy grown-ups. I do occasionally buy that $2 bag of jelly-bellies at the buck store, but very occasionally and not since I started this diet. Keep up the good work, Cab!!
  7. Thanks for sure it's a good thing. I will keep pushing to see my goal. I hope one day I run into the problem of having to buy some new clothes lol. Still trucking away on the no pop, chips sweets plan. I will update here every couple weeks or so. Hope you are doing well and have a good weekend.
  8. Hey, congratulations on losing, Cabbie!! I know how hard it is, there are so many temptations out there, but I have a smaller size pair of jeans hanging on the outside of my closet door to remind me why I'm on this diet, because I want to get into them! Simple as that. Also tops.....other slacks...I have them because I was that size before my fall. Keep up the great work; you must be feeling that loss by now, too. I just picture my weight loss in terms of carrying around 10lb bags of potatoes strapped to my far I've dumped nearly 2 bags of 'em!! hahaha!!! Take good care, Hon!
  9. Oh yeah thanks and good going to you too. I should be ok at lunch with my aunt. If she goes to east side marios I'm thinking salad and an individual pizza or something. I actually just started using the ddp yoga app today instead of the site I was streaming videos from, that site wasn't working well for me. I got a free month on the app but then it's supposed to be $29us a month for the app or like $107 for the whole year which works out to $8.99 a month but only if you pay for a whole year upfront. I said I can't afford to pay the whole year deal all at once can I do it $8.99 a month and they said yes they will do that for me. It has 250 ddp workouts plus live workouts on Tuesdays, all his nutrition info, recipes, support etc. If you attach a heart rate monitor to the app it also tracks your calories and of course heart rate lol. Hope you have a good week.
  10. Hi, Cabbie! Congrats on your work-outs and sticking with a healthier way of eating. I'm down 16, but of course mis-behaved for Mother's Day worries, back on track, although I didn't have any gluten...but ohhhh, that garlic/cheese bread was tempting!! I had steak and my own coleslaw that everyone had, and that creme brulee...oh, my, who could resist that stuff?! I had no intention of doing that, ever! Depending on your restaurant, there are always healthy choices, but if you fall off the wagon a little, it won't harm your progress, just get back in the saddle tomorrow! Enjoy your dinner with your Aunt!
  11. Thanks for your message. Yeah I know it will be slow. I hope in a few months I can lose 50lbs though but I know it won't be overnight. My main concern will be if my cousin ever invites me for a party or dinner lol. One main thing I need to stay away from is sweets, pop etc. I will try to keep at it. I should be able to start ddp yoga in a couple days.
  12. Cabbie, your meals and portions look perfect; looks like you're on track for weight-loss! Don't be discouraged if you lose just 1-2lbs a week....after dieting for so many years, when I lost those almost 50 lbs, it was slow and steady and you'd be surprised at how fast 10 lbs comes off! One other thing I discovered about slower weight loss...whenever I've hard-dieted, if I ever binged one evening, I'd gain more back than anyone would call 'fair'. But losing slowly, I found that I could enjoy going out once in a while, eating off my diet, having wine, and there would be little to no difference in my weight! It was sure an eye-opener! So now, losing slowly like I am, I know that I can have wine in an evening and not set myself back a week!
    Keep up the great's hard, it sure is, but SO worth it!!
  13. Oh yeah I watch this youtube channel. All or their office door trim was done in orange and I thought it was nice.
  14. Cabbie, my DH and I totally redecorated the kids' billiard room in soft grey, deeper grey, with orange accents. Orange and grey compliment each ither beautifully!
  15. Have a good night.
    Yeah on the walmart site there are 2 reviews, 1 is 1 star and 1 is 5 star lol. The guy that gave it 1 star had like 6 people down vote his review lol.
  16. Those chairs look pretty identical to me, Cabbie...have you googled any 'reviews' of those chairs? Might help with a decision...good luck, they both look sturdy and comfy! 'Nite!!
  17. Thanks, you too. have a good Christmas.
  18. Lol, no worries, apparently I'm a traumatic mess!! Who knew? Hahaha...!
  19. Lol, it's all good. I'm just a boring person.
  20. Lol! Those games seem far too traumatic! Good thing you stayed away...hahaha! Thanks, Cabbie! ��
  21. Thanks, happy easter to you too. Hope your weekend is good.
  22. I hope this will last me a little while though. I bought 16 chicken breasts, 2 whole chickens and 4lbs of ground beef. Also a bunch of eggs, bread crumbs, parm cheese and mozza cheese. Also some seasonings and minced garlic. Also bought stuff to go with it like rice, potatoes, chickpeas, and veggies.
  23. Thanks, have a good night.
  24. Merry Christmas.
  25. Oh for sure lol but I should have noticed it right away when he told me my total but I had a brain fart. I'm usually much more careful.
  26. Thank goodness you got that refund, Cabbie! And thank goodness you checked your receipt!!
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