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  1. Booooooooooo I just created another account and nothing....but at least I'll get $0.50 for buying eggs
  2. Lol @ 19 accounts and counting. I wanted to rep you on this one but couldn't. Looks like I have to spread some love on SC to rep you again.
  3. Wow. That wording is scary. I bet they were conspiring last week against us poor sdm shoppers when they didn't send us any coupons. I bet they were getting ready to be strict.
  4. Thank you for the rep!!!! But I am reading the new wording on the coupons, and it says, "cannot be used on subsequent transactions"...I really hope that is not the case.
  5. Thank you for the offer, you are so sweet. Funny enough I don't even know how to put make up on, I mainly just wear mascara and blush. And yes, I'm still very jealous lol
  6. Oh my....! I just read your comment on mandy's brag and NOW i know why you were getting jealous... lol.

    Ok from next friday i'll keep an eye o your sdm personalized coupons and try to find a deal for you. How about that.

    The other thing i want to say is that, sometimes i don't necessarily need the stuff i buy, but since i am making money on that stuff (the stuff i am going to use anyway) then i go for those deals even if i have to spend OOP. Hope that helps.

    You'll learn fast. Don't get discouraged and don't lose hope, dear friend.
  7. Oh no no no. Dont ever leave this website. What will we do without our good friends?
  8. First time ever the SDM coupons and a sale on the items align. Usually I just get cheap homo milk, but I am starting to think that coupon disappeared along with the dove ANY.
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