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  1. Definitely giving my Mom hugs, as well as the critters (the only one I can`t hug is Tory fish ).

    Take good care of yourself (here`s hoping summer gets here soon).
  2. I have to deal with the too many treats thing too. 2 yrs ago, we went to the vet for the annual check up & Lily was almost 60lbs (she's usually 50). But...only cause we went a few days after Easter, where she got 7 meals a day while on "vacation". Silly vet wanted to put her on all sorts of meds for her sudden weight gain, he wouldn't believe me about my parents overindulging her...until I took her back in a month later & she was her almost trim 50lbs. lol

    "Grandparents" never learn, do they?
  3. the dogs did get treats.. but poor Snoopy was pooped half way we had to drop him off at my Moms..(candy dump anyway) He Loves his Grandmas house too.. she gives lots of treats.. sometimes to many.. have to watch his figure after all (really, its his heart I worry about, his mama died of a heart attach... she had alot of weight on her)
  4. Glad they enjoyed themselves - that's the most important thing (you having fun is a bonus!). As for the beers, well, Snoopy & Sadie were still sober - they could drive ya home (they're Border Collies, they can probably drive better than most people on the road lol).
  5. My Sadie..she never stops amazing me..she LOVED it.. but she learned her boundries immediatly.. she loved chasing butterflies..Snoopy showed her the ropes.. alas.. she was less interested in the holes in the ground, the smells up the trees and the fish in the crick, but they both had a terrific time as did there mom.. just maybe to many beers on the rain
  6. You might still have the campfire smoke in your eyes.

    How did Sadie enjoy camping?
  7. thanks so much for that camping info.. i entered my fav pic..that was very thoughtful of you.. thanks again and i hope you had a great mothers day
  8. Thank you very much Andit.. and thanks for all your final posts..
  9. Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
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