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  1. so sorry about you mom chers1, I was very close to my mom too so it hit me hard, still miss her........also sorry about snoopy....

    sounds like you lucked out meeting your guy, wishing you both much happiness! have a great summer!
  2. No Evelyn, it is not the same fellow.. My Mom passed two years ago and I lost my mind.... I discontinued with him, however we are still friends... The new guys was by happenstance..I thought he was someone I knew so I went to chat with him.. realized my goof and I apologized and walked(ran really) away.. he came over, we chatted for some time.. he asked for my number and that was it. Until about a half our passed, I could see he was leaving.. before I knew it he ran up, stole a kiss and ran was so adorable..He is the easiest person I have ever met. =)
    As far as my Snoopy dog he suffer a stroke about the same time mum passed.. we got him up again but he was struggling.. he was 14, but with my moms passing.. I was still numb from that.. so nice to chat with you pals again
  3. Thank you for your very kind words.. hope you have a great weekend
  4. Happy V Day Chers!

    and give Seamus a big hug from me please!
  5. I'm soooo sorry to hear about your mom chers! I know how you feel I lost my mom/my best friend a number of years ago, very shocking and very sad.....wishing you strength to get through this......

  6. Thank you so much ecat!!!
  7. Hope you had a nice one Chers and I wish you the best of everything this coming year!
  8. Have a nice one!
  9. Season's Greetings Chers - have a good one!
  10. Glad you had a good time Chers! Hard coming back eh? THat's the worst part for me!
  11. oh my.. i will try all kinds and cheers all my pals that i have left behind
  12. your going to have a great time chers! cheers - have a banana daquiri for me! I'll be thinking of you lying under those beautiful palms!
    -no more sleeps or only a partial one tonight!
  13. Oh, that was Seamus! I thought so at first but then the way you said something made me think the kitty just looked a lot like your Seamus - anyways very cute little pud! Thanks for seeing mine, yes the black & white is my Amy, it was love at first sight when she was a kitten, she is so sweet and gentle, Daisy is nice too but throws her weight around with Amy when she is mad or whatever (Amy is a peace nik!) Thanks for the info on the pics, I've heard of tiny pic but never used it. Sorry but the smoothie is all gone, I was actually going to save some for my daughter but I drank the whole thing!!! (don't tell her!) Gotta go get somemore of those berries down the street!
  14. the kitty pic i posted was my Seamus.. I was commenting on a Caturday pic that FF posted but it didnt tag along with his post. Your kitties are very beautiful..I especially like the look of the black and white one. As for resizing, I use to use but mostly now I just post a pic to my face book, then I can copy and paste it here.. then I discard it from face book if need be..hope that helps.. oh.. and I'll take some of that smooooothy.. yum
  15. That picture of Seamus sleeping with the doggies is so cute. That is great how they all get along! You should get some of those crinkly pants that I bought my cats Seamus would love them, their $30 but everything costs too much you buy for your pets! Have a good one Chers - sounds like you will! Best wishes again!
  16. Wishing you the very best this holiday season Chers!
  17. it is ecat... I'm almost affraid to wake up..but for now..I'm enjoying the ride.. and what a ride..he he he..
  18. he is someone that I have known for some time, but recently separated..I am trying to be cautious.. but he is so darn nice... I will find a flaw..LOL.. but it is nice to date again..been out of the dating game for about 4 years.. to busy with my family and there was never anyone that made me want to share my time... until now
  19. Glad to hear your two dates went well and you have #3 coming up. I didn't hear you mention anything about someone new, but best wishes with that! Did you just meet him recently? Have a good Sunday!
  20. Thank you Ecat.. He is coming along beautifully already.. We have named him Seamus, and we actually got a purrrr out of him.. He actually isn't all white, he has orange points (nose, ears, tail and just starting on his feet) He will be love muchly...
  21. Congrats again!!! What a little white cutie!!!! She/he may be shy but you can bring her/him around with lots of love and affection!!! She/he just needs to trust you as I'm sure you know!! Anyways, just had to say something after seeing the pic, what a cutie!!!!! have fun!!!
  22. Oh that's exciting Cher's. Are you looking for any type of kitty in particular? I'm sure any one of them would very much appreciate you getting them out of there!!! I feel sooo sorry for each and everyone of them I see every week at the Toronto H.S.

    Good luck finding a new furry friend! keep me posted!
  23. thanks for the welcome is good to be able to get on here again.. sure did miss some of
  24. Hi Chers! It was nice getting up to the Pinery again, if only for one night! Actually the restaurant I was asking you about is no longer there, it has been completely gutted!!! The one your friends went to is a different one, I went there too the other day since Sander's no longer exists. What a drag it had such a good view of the water etc. Anyways, hope your enjoying your weekend!
  25. the restaurant is still open.. a couple of folks went there for dinner while we were there... and the next trips are Wilberforce for the long weekend... the Allegany for a week.. then I think that might be it....but never say never...he he he
  26. there were n "hints"...just straight forwardness..yiks....
  27. your more than welcome ecat.. to many unwanted babies out there..There are also to many that should never be pet owners..but this is all we can do about that...Cheers
  28. Thanks a lot for voting chers! It really is an important cause, I wish more would vote! Have a good day!
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