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  1. Thanks for the rep!
  2. Happy May Day, Natalka! You'll see spring blooms any day now. The college's plantings by the auto shop are clusters of tulips and daffodils-gorgeous on a gray day here.
  3. Happy Easter/Christ is Risen to you, Natalka! Crack some eggs for me during the three days of Easter. I will be doing this in May (1).

  4. Yes, it's spring and some light snow is throwing some chill to the party. Definitely keen to feel in a party mood-you too?
  5. Super lovely of you to send that message-thank YOU, Natalka. Wishing you Green Happiness and Revels for the day!
  6. Thanks for the rep; hope you are enjoying each day!
  7. Thanks for the rep; enjoy the week ahead!
  8. Natalka, you have a treasure trove of inspirational quotations!
  9. Thanks for the rep! Have a FAB week!
  10. Thank you, Natalka! Wishing you many new and good opportunities and things in 2016!
  11. Thank you for the rep this past week!
  12. thanks for the rep

  13. There was fine weather, good food and some time to be with my thoughts. Not much peace though! You had a happy gathering, I read!
  14. Thanks for the rep!
  15. Cool weed sentence! I only know the one from Alien Nation!
  16. Thanks for the rep!
  17. Thanks for repping me this past week!
  18. Thank you, Natalka, for the novel summer quote. Yes, walking barefoot in the grass is very much on during the nice weather!
  19. Thanks for rep this past week!
  20. Ciel, we're with Shaw, and they don't yet. Just found this online from the CRTC - while television service providers can start offering the $25 entry-level service March 2016, they have until December 2016 to implement the changes.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
  21. I learned something new from you! Pussywillow branches symbolize resurrection as it happened to Lazarus when Jesus brought him back to life. The Serbian Orthodox church calendar refers to Lazarus Saturday.
  22. Hiya, thanks for the rep. For our Byzantine (Ukrainian Catholic) tradition, Willow Sunday is the same as Palm Sunday, the week before Easter. In Ukraine - as on the prairies in Canada where many immigrants settled - pussywillows are the sign of spring used, and are available.
  23. Thank you very much, Natalka! Hope there is some good green (money or other fabulous stuff) surprises coming your way soon!
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