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  1. Thanks for the many likes,have a good rest of the week and week end my friend!!!
  2. Hi Leila.I am so sorry you where sick but glad and happy you are feeling better at 99% now!!! Thank you for the lovely message and the hug.!!! Very glad to see you posting.!!! Most important please take care and have a good rest of the week !!!
    Your friend Catherine xxx
  3. (((((HUGS for you CATHERINE)))))! I've been sick for most of last week and could not use library or attend a workshop. Feeling 99% today! Back on briefly
  4. I hope to see you online soon my friend!!! Happy New Year to you!!! Thank you for all yours helpfuls posts on various subjects and for still contribuying to smart canucks even if your health could be an issue .I am wishing you a peacefull no worries new year and live the rest of your life at yours maximun capacities. Lots of love,your friend Catherine xxx
  5. Happy to see you made the choice of continuing posting on smart canucks
  6. Hi Leila!!! Happy to see you posting!!! Sorry about your on going pain...I am so sorry for you my friend... That broke my heart because you are such a lovely caring good person .You defenitely dont deserve that.Have a good evening and week end.Take care and rest as much as possible pleasse okaie.I will never forget about you,and think about you.You are one of the reason I love the Smart Canucks community. xxx Catherine
  7. Hi Leila!!! Good to see that you keep posting!!! I am so sorry to read about your pain...This is so unfair. Take care and rest as much as possible pleaase ok?!! Have a good evening and rest of the week and week end .Catherine xxx
  8. Wishing a breezy Friday and wonderful weekend, Cath! Today was just too much in terms of humidity. I actually turned on the stand fan in the living room in order to watch Youtube.
  9. Hi Leila!!! Wishing you a good day tomorrow and a good week end!!! Take care
  10. Thanks for all the likes @Leila.Have a great rest of the week and take care
  11. Wishing you a great week Leila!!! Take care !!!
  12. Thanks for posting so many contests and to be a good contributing member of sc!!! Have a good week end and week take care
  13. Thanks for all the likes again!!! And for reading me!!! Thinking of you
  14. Thanks Leila for all the likes !!! Happy to see you posting today!!! Have a good week and most important take care of you my friend !!!
  15. Wishing YOU a comfortable and rewarding week during the second week of June, Cath!
    It's humid after the last of several rainfalls today in Ancaster. I'm Internetting, of course!
  16. Wishing you a good week ahead Leila!!!
  17. Hope everything is alright for you !!! I wishing you an awesome week!!!
  18. I was happy when I saw you posted today!!! That made my day!!! Have a good rest of the week and take good care of you my dear friend!!!
  19. Praying that you are okaie
  20. Received your envie with your lovely message today Thank you very much
  21. Wow!!! Thanks for all the likes and taking the time to be online!!! I hope your health is still ok due to your health issue Praying for you and have a good rest of the week my dear friend!!! Take care of you catherine xxx
  22. Glad you are ok leila
  23. where are you ciel?Hope you are okaie
  24. Sort of! I'm mostly offline-just on today (3h at library and maybe tomorrow if weather is not bad). My friend took me out today.
    Happy New Year, Cath!
  25. Hoping you are alright
  26. ​Joyeux Noel a toi, @cath007!
  27. Merry Christmas to you my friend
  28. HI ciel
  29. Thanks for the good thoughts, @cath007!
    This new month is full of opportunities to explore and I want you to get as many of them as you want!
  30. Thinking of you I have a busy life now with appoitements and life project and other project too .Wishing you an awesome week
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