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  1. Before I forget again…a shout out to you for the idea of giving others a cool drink on a warm day! I had Bell come in last week and as he left I offered and he accepted a cold sports drink.
  2. Hi there! Didn't realize their was another Pepsi contest on but duh it's summer...thank you for the heads up.
    Encouraging to seeing you still getting around and posting of your adventures.
    If you're up to date with Mandalorian I will ask you on your take of the latest but if you're not I will not discuss.
    Hope you're managing alright with this humidity.Not for this cowboy!
    Take care my friend and see you in the threads!
  3. Thank you for your take on reduced items I would give you a nice sticker on the right hand corner of your paper.Ever get those in the early grades? That just came to mind.On a more serious note take good care of yourself with all this smoke.
  4. More power to you and your excursions.You do good for yourself!You’re a trooper!
    As for me I continue my sheltered life in my own neighborhood other than my kinda biweekly coffee with Homies at the mall.
    P.S. You neglected to tell us about the weather on your adventures…
  5. Thanks for the rep.! Duh says I as I couldn't figure out what you were saying till I read my own post! Today is much better than yesterday as far as any windchill goes,bonus sunshine which the cat is soaking up.Hope it's the same in your part of the world!
  6. Thanks for still popping around with your weather reports, here's hoping you win a GC. Enjoy the rest of your week!
  7. Always encouraging seeing you posting. Take care of yourself
  8. Thanks for popping in again! Enjoy spoiling yourself as we won't judge nor tell!
  9. Hi there! Glad to see you popped in,missed you and your weather pronouncements!
    One day at a time or hour/minute whichever works best for you!
  10. That's ok! I have often misread words on the forum as being something else similarly spelt and ask myself am I seeing things or what?
    A defecated bill would have tell-tale smell and would not be worth handling. I've read online in years past that some people would still
    attempt to take in such bills to get tellers to replace them under legal reasons. Too nasty!
  11. I had to remind Mom to refuse defaced bills
    My first read over was "defecated" and I wondered why you'd have those! Oh well,off this sooner than later as bothering my eyes.Enjoy the rest of your week!
  12. It would appear that your aptly named December Frugal Chatter thread will now be fulfilled with the boatload of snow were to receive tomorrow.
    Thankfully you started the thread a few days beforehand so it seems like we got away with much for awhile.
    Enjoy the rest of your week!
  13. for $30.00 in coupons.
    One of these days I will catch up with you, but not today as already on here too long!
    Still following your posts and loving your weather reports.
  14. You and I are regulars on the forum, so we get any misunderstandings cleared up quickly. Great visual about that had me chuckling and remembering the beer story!
    I most certainly will enjoy the fall colours and my bubble mix! Hope you have some fun outdoors as well while the weather behaves more or less chilly!
  15. Maybe I should not have posted the bit about hot dog water as I didn't care much for the beer illustration. However, I love the idea of a one pot meal.
    Have a great week my friend!
  16. I spoke too soon yesterday as I didn’t see your other posts till today!
    Thank you for all the likes and more importantly your desire to help those in need with what you have! These trying times are going to be even more so I believe but I hope I am wrong!
    Enjoy your evening!
  17. Thanks for sharing all your latest adventures and insights with the rest of us!
    Enjoy the rest of your week my friend!
  18. That's the spirit! I've found yesterday and today challenging due to the air not flowing indoors very well. Tonight, the air picked up pace by 8pm. It's been a sweatathon.
    Convinced parent to get mineral water and watermelon today. We'll be in a better hydration situation for tomorrow. Need this heat to lose 10C at least!
    Maybe tomorrow, I can do a short am walk. TBD. I'm having issues with my health-another thing to deal with.
  19. You were right! Opportunity happened at 8:00 a.m. as needed to get out sooner than yesterday. Slowed my pace and got some walking in. Later will be a no go as humidity messing up my breathing so need to be by ac unit.
    Commendable that you donate to others. Iím usually using pc points/sales to get good deals on stuff to give.
    Do take care of yourself! Have a great weekend!
  20. @Skippy You'll get your opportunity soon to get around. I just came back from a 8:30pm hike out to the local Walmart-to get bandages, some soup cups and those two packs of Boost Simply+ to donate tomorrow. Nothing like running down to last set of bandages to motivate a walk. Just had no zip this morning. Evening is rather sticky despite cooling wind. The weather will break soon--just not on a walk!
  21. Kudos to you and what you can accomplish.
    I am idling in this heat even with an a/c
  22. Yes, walking and exposure to sunshine definitely helps! Especially since milk seems an issue for me lately...
    Today's exercise was cutting some grass in the shade in the early part of day until gas ran out. Then doing laundry
    before the muscles complained. Have to figure out timing for beverage run in the morning, since the heat is a BBQ
    and there's a storm warning for afternoon.
    Hope your friend has access to a Cubii pedal device if he can manage a seated position. He can build up his leg muscles that way gradually if at all possible.
    Have a delightful evening and refreshing morning tomorrow!
  23. I commend you on your walking as I have a friend in the hospital since May 5 and he no longer can walk. He hurt prior to that so he stopped and the hospital stay just made the situation worse. One day/hour/minute at a time whatever works best for you!
    Have a great week! Blessings to you and yours!
  24. Congratulations on your prize wins! They make summer a little sweeter!

    I have not entered codes late this week. No instants wins and no e-mails about being $22K richer! Funnily enough, I ended up buying 2 Pepsis today because of my walking (water ran out) and well, two more codes to add to my last cap for next week! At least I will sleep well tonight (feet need recovery time).
  25. Iím prized out with Pepsi: case of pop, bag of Doritos and $10 kfc card. How did you make out?
  26. Wow-that's great to know you won a prize, Skippy! I have my entries in the for the draw but I think I have to say bye-bye to drinking pop. Probably will look for codes from snack foods going forward (so I don't get tempted by the Dollarama pop cooler).
  27. I won a 12pk of Pepsi yesterday! Hope you’re successful too! Blessings my friend!
  28. I hear you with the humidity and to do lists,I have a collection of them. You’re idea of ripping up them wouldn’t work for me as I would forget stuff and then I would need to start from scratch.Although DW and cat both have ideas for my time
  29. Wishing you much contest fun with the Pepsi codes, Skippy!
    Honestly, some of the humid days have messed up to do lists. If things are not done in the cooler hours of the AM, I forget or release the rest of the list. Just need to remember to tear up those lists on the same day.
  30. Sweat and forget weather-I like that line and hate that weather! Speaking of which you should do the forecast with your Mr Wind and other descriptions! You could be another Bill Lawrence weather man/person on chch
    Indeed I just started playing the Pepsi contest. I saw your remarks elsewhere and gave you credit.
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